Product Name:White Willow Bark Extract 50% Salicin
Part Used::stem
Appearance: light yellow powder
Main contents: Salicin
Specification: 50%
CAS No.:84082-82-6
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Salicin

White willow grows in waterside wetlands and is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin and southern China. Deciduous tree, 10-12 meters high. There are long and drooping branches, the lower branches are brown and glabrous, slightly hairy when young. The leaves are lanceolate, or linear-lanceolate, 9~16cm long, 5~15mm wide, and the apex is long and acuminate. The flowering period is March to April, and the fruiting period is April to May. Can be harvested throughout the year, to take the bark. SalicinPowder has the functions of dispelling wind and dampness, disinfecting swelling and pain, and reducing fever. Salicin naturally exists in the branches, stems, and other plants of the Salicaceae plant, weeping willow, and can also be obtained by chemical synthesis.

Product Specification

AppearanceWhite Fine Powder
Salicin Content≥ 98%
Loss on Drying≤ 5%
Ash Content≤ 1%
Heavy Metals≤ 10 ppm
Solvent Residue≤ 0.01%

Willow White Willow Bark Extract Benefits

1. Relieve acne

Willow bark extract can be used as an component in ornamental and particular care products due to its tangy,anti-inflammatory and soothing parcels. It contains salicylic acid, a type of BHA, which is a natural exfoliant used in several acne treatments because it helps the skin slough off dead cells while clearing pores. It also contains phenolic acids including salicylins, mineralocorticoids and flavonoids, tannins, and minerals to help rejuvenate the skin. 

2. Reduce headaches

Consuming willow white willow bark extract may help reduce tension in headache-related pain. It contains the chemical salicylin similar to acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that it may take longer to feel the effects of willow bark, but the effects can last longer than aspirin.

3. Relieve lower back pain

Willow bark supplements may be a natural remedy for lower back pain, neck and muscle pain. Brennecke thinks it's okay to take white willow bark to help relieve some pain.

4. Reduces Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain

Willow bark can be an effective treatment for reducing pain associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis by reducing swelling. According to Brennecke, by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, prostaglandins will therefore reduce inflammation, thereby reducing disabling pain. White willow bark extract is suspected to inhibit disease progression and onset on a regular basis. A 2004 study published in the Journal of Rheumatology found that patients with osteoarthritis who took willow bark extract to provide 240 mg of salicylin had less pain in placebo patients in a two-week randomized controlled trial 14%, compared with a 2% reduction in pain with placebo.

5. Prevent Heart Attacks

The American Heart Association acknowledges that low-dose daily aspirin can prevent heart attacks and strokes. The tablet has been linked to a lower risk of internal blood clotting, which is associated with both health conditions. Since aspirin and willow bark are equally effective, it is believed that willow bark extract may provide similar benefits.

"Willow willow bark extract contains salicylates," which means it has the same effect on the heart as aspirin, according to Brennecke. While drinking white willow bark tea can thin your blood like aspirin -- making it less likely to clot -- it's important to know how much salicylates you're getting in each cup and monitor that amount.

6. Relieves menstrual cramps

Generally, menstrual cramps are frequently the result of inflammation of the endometrium and condensation touched off by prostaglandins. Willow bark is allowed to regulate prostaglandin products and reduce inflammation, which not only helps relieve cramps but also PMS symptoms. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, professional herbalists recommend willow bark for menstrual cramps, although no scientific studies have shown it works. 


1. When used in cosmetics, it can inhibit conch, and relieve swelling and pain.

2. Used in the field of pharmaceuticals, mainly for the treatment of fever, colds, and infections.

3. Applied to feed additives, mainly used as feed additives to reduce inflammation and promote digestion.

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