Black Fungus Extract

Black Fungus Extract

Part Used:Whole plant
Appearance:brown yellow powder
Main contents:polysaccharide
Specification: 10:1
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Black Fungus Extract?

Black fungus, a type of edible mushroom, holds a revered place in traditional Chinese cuisine and medicine. From the whole plant of black fungus, Black Fungus Extract is obtained, typically presenting itself as a brown yellow powder. This article delves into the specifics of Black Fungus Extract, including its part used, appearance, and a specification of 10:1.

Part Used: Whole Plant

Black Fungus Extract is sourced from the whole plant of the black fungus mushroom. This comprehensive utilization allows for the extraction of a wide range of bioactive compounds, including the key component, polysaccharides.

Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

Black Fungus Extract powder is commonly found in the form of a brown yellow powder. This color is characteristic of the natural pigments and bioactive compounds within the black fungus. The powdered form enhances its versatility for various applications, including culinary and dietary uses.

Specification: 10:1

Black Fungus powder is available with a specification of 10:1. This specification indicates the concentration of the extract in comparison to the original whole plant material. The 10:1 ratio provides a balanced and potent form of Black Fungus Extract.

Main Contents: Polysaccharide

The primary active component in Black Fungus Extract is polysaccharide. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates with notable therapeutic properties.

Black Fungus Extract Powder Benefits:

Black fungus, also known as wood observance mushroom or Auricularia auricula, is a type of comestible mushroom that's used in colorful culinary dishes. It's also believed to offer several implicit health benefits, which include

Gut Health 

Black fungus is a good source of salutary fiber, which can support digestive health and help with regular bowel movements.

Liver Health

 Some studies suggest that black fungus may have hepatoprotective parcels, meaning it could support and cover liver function.

important Antioxidant

 Black fungus contains antioxidants that help neutralize dangerous free revolutionaries in the body, potentially reducing oxidative stress.

Cholesterol Support

 Black fungus powder may help in regulating cholesterol situations and promoting cardiovascular health by reducing LDL( bad) cholesterol situations.

Heart Health

 Its implicit cholesterol- lowering and antioxidant parcels can contribute to heart health.

Immune Boosting

 Black fungus extract contains vitamins and minerals that can support the vulnerable system and overall health.

Improves Rotation

 It's believed to have blood- thinning parcels that can help ameliorate blood rotation.

May Help Fight Cancer Cells 

Some studies have indicated that black fungus extract may inhibit the growth of cancer cells, although further exploration is demanded in this area.

The Application

1. Health Food Industry

In the health food assiduity, Black Agaric Extract Powder is employed as a vital raw material for health products, salutary supplements, and functional foods. It's particularly precious for its eventuality in blood sugar operation and vulnerable system support.

2. Food Additive Industry

As a food cumulative, it is incorporated into functional foods to enhance their nutritive content and health benefits. It can be set up in a variety of food products, including potables, snacks, and nutritive bars.

3. Medical Field

In the medical field, Black Fungus extract Powder may be included in traditional drugs or medical products designed to address specific health enterprises, similar as diabetes operation or radiation protection.

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