Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract

Product Name:Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract
Part Used:leaf
Appearance:brown yellow powder
Main contents:polysaccharide
Specification: 30%
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available
Certificates: Halal, Kosher, FDA, ISO9001, PAHS Free, NON-GMO, SC
Delivery Term: DHL, FE

What is Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract is a natural excerpt deduced from the leaves of the Ilex latifolia Thunb. factory, generally known as broadleaf holly or Japanese holly. The leaves of this factory have been used for centuries in traditional drug to treat colorful affections. The excerpt is attained through a process of solvent birth, which involves soaking the crushed leaves in a detergent similar as ethanol or water. This allows the active composites in the leaves to be uprooted into the detergent, performing in a concentrated excerpt. The main bioactive composites set up in Broadleaf Holly Leaf greasepaint are polysaccharides, triterpenes, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. These composites contribute to the excerpt's implicit health benefits, which include supporting liver health, perfecting digestive health, boosting vulnerable function, reducing inflammation, and supporting cardiovascular health. Its main uses include salutary supplements, functional foods and potables, and operations in the cosmetics and skincare, and husbandry diligence. Sanxin is able of furnishing a monthly force of 20 tons of this greasepaint to our guests and has entered accolades from multitudinous buyers for the quality of our products.

Product Specification

Certificate of Analysis

Product Name

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract Polysaccharide

Manufacture Date


Batch Number


Analysis Date


Batch Quantity


Report Date



Broadleaf Holly Leaf

Expiration Date





Assay (HPLC)




Brown yellow powder











Heavy Metals















Particle Size

100%Through 80 mesh



Total Plate Count
















Store in a cool & dry place. Do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat.


Double polyethylene bags inside, and standard carton drum outside.25kgs/drum.

Expiration Date

2 Years When Stored Properly


1. Liver Wellbeing

One of the essential advantages of Broadleaf Holly Leaf Concentrate is supporting liver health potential. The liver is in charge of removing toxins from the body, and by increasing bile production, Broadleaf Holly Leaf powder may support this process. Bile assists with emulsifying fats and eliminates side-effects from the liver, permitting it to work all the more effectively. Furthermore, the triterpenes found in this extract have been displayed to safeguard hepatocytes (liver cells) from harm brought about by poisonous substances.

2. Digestive Health

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract Powder may also be salutary to digestive health. It has been shown to lower inflammation and increases gut motility, which can help you digest food more and palliate bloating and constipation symptoms. Studies have likewise shown that it can help with dwindling the development of hurtful stomach bitsy organisms while advancing the development of useful microorganisms, egging a better stomach microbiome.

3. Cardiovascular Wellbeing

At last, it might have possible advantages for cardiovascular well- being. It has been shown in studies to ameliorate blood inflow while also lowering cholesterol and blood pressure situations. The threat of heart complaint and stroke may be reduced as a result of these goods.


There are numerous potential uses for Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract in various industries.

1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Due to its implicit health benefits, It's employed considerably in the pharmaceutical assiduity. It has been demonstrated to support cardiovascular health, gut health, liver health, vulnerable function, inflammation reduction, and gut health. It's a promising component for a variety of supplements and specifics because of its parcels. It could, for case, be incorporated into supplements or specifics that support liver function, enhance digestion, or boost impunity.

2. Food and Beverage Industry

It could also be used in the food and libation assiduity. It has been employed as a characteristic food- added substance in Japan for a long time and is supported for use in food particulars in a many different nations. By precluding oxidation, the antioxidant composites in this excerpt may help to extend the shelf life of foods and potables. also, the excerpt can be incorporated into functional foods and potables that are intended to support digestive health or vulnerable function.

3. Beauty care products and Skincare Industry

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Concentrate might have likely applications in the beauty care products and skincare industry because of its mitigating and cancer prevention agent properties. It very well might be integrated into skincare items intended to calm aroused skin or safeguard against natural harm. Additionally, the extract can be added to products for hair care to improve scalp health and encourage healthy hair growth.

4. Horticulture Industry

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract Powder may likewise have applications in the horticulture business. The extract has been shown to boost the growth of some crops, like tomatoes and cucumbers, in studies. Due to the extract's ability to stop harmful bacteria and fungi from growing, it may also be useful as a natural pesticide.

Flow Chart

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Packing And Shipping

● Our logistics partners are experienced and reliable, allowing us to provide fast shipping times to our customers.

● We prioritize customer satisfaction by responding promptly to their orders and inquiries, ensuring that their needs are met in a timely manner.

● To ensure product quality and safety during transportation, we use high-quality, double polyethylene bags for internal packaging, and sturdy carton drums for external packaging. This provides maximum protection against any damage or contamination during transit, ensuring that our products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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Our Advantages

1. We could offer a stable and sufficient supply of raw materials, and the delivery time is stable.

2. In addition, we have a professional production line, and the production capacity is 20 tons per year. More than 23 patents for manufacturing plant extract have been authorized to Sanxin Biotech.

3. OEM offered.

4. We have a strict quality control system and stable supply chains to support our products.


Our products are backed by a range of professional instruments and specialized invention patents, including but not limited to Kosher instrument, FDA instrument, ISO9001, PAHS Free, HAlAL,NON-GMO, and SC instrument. These instruments attest to our commitment to quality, safety, and invention in product development. With such a different range of instruments and patents, our guests can be assured that they're entering only the loftiest quality products that meet or exceed assiduity norms.



We take pride in our global reach, having showcased our products at colorful exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows worldwide, including SUPPLYSIDE WEST. Our products have gained transnational recognition and are presently exported to over 30 countries, including the United States, India, Canada, Japan, and numerous further. Our commitment to producing high- quality products that meet the different requirements of our guests has allowed us to establish a strong presence in the global request and make long- term connections with our guests across different regions and countries.


Our Factory

Our factory, located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Fang County, Shiyan City, boasts an advanced production line that features a 48-meter-long counter-current system with a processing capacity of 500-700 kg per hour. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two sets of 6 cubic meter tank extraction equipment, two sets of concentration equipment, three sets of vacuum drying equipment, one set of spray drying equipment, eight reactors, and eight chromatography columns, among others. With these cutting-edge tools, we are able to produce high-quality products efficiently and effectively.

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How Can You Contact Us?

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Factory Add: Dongcheng Industrial Park, Fang County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

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