Cholesterol Powder

Product Name: Cholesterol Powder
Product Specification:98%
Storage Method: Cool, Dry Place
Brand Name:SANXIN
Appearance Customization
Grade:Food Level
Application:Health Care
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years
Certificate: Halal, Kosher, FDA, ISO9001, NON-GMO, SC
Delivery Term: DHL, FEDAX, UPS, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Stock in LA USA warehouse

What is Cholesterol Powder

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat- suchlike emulsion that's vital for proper cell membrane structure and function. As a supplement, high- chastity cholesterol greasepaint provides the raw material for the body to produce hormones, vitamin D, and corrosiveness acids essential for health.

Cholesterol Powder is synthesized in the liver and bowel, and is also attained through the diet. It is then incorporated into cell membranes and used to synthesize key molecules.

Cholesterol maintains cell membrane integrity and modulates membrane fluidity and signaling. It is also the precursor from which the body makes steroid hormones, vitamin D, and primary bile acids .

However, cholesterol production starts declining after age 40-50. Supplementing with cholesterol has been shown to support healthy hormone levels, bile acid synthesis, nutrient absorption, and membrane function in aging adults.

Cholesterol powder provides a highly absorbable form, dissolving easily for use as a raw material in biosynthesis pathways. Sustainably sourced from wool grease, it is verified for purity and freshness.


Product Name


Other Name



White powder








Keep in cool & dry place, stay away from strong light and heat

Shelf Life

24 months

Our Advantages

1. Hubei Sanxin Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a Cholesterol supplier and manufacturer,
2. The content of natural Pure Cholesterol we provide can reach 98%, and we have a number of international certification systems: Halal, Kosher, FDA, ISO9001, PAHS Free, NON-GMO, SC.
3. We could offer a stable and sufficient supply of raw materials, and the delivery time is stable.
4. In addition, we have a professional production line, and the production capacity is 20 tons per year. More than 23 patents for manufacturing plant extract have been authorized to Sanxin Biotech.
5. OEM offered.
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According to current research, the main evidence-based uses of supplemental cholesterol are:

● Supports production of cell membranes and lipid-derived signaling molecules.

● Serves as the precursor for synthesis of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and other steroid hormones.

● Needed for production of vitamin D from sun exposure on the skin.

● Converts into primary bile acids that emulsify fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

● Helps maintain membrane integrity and neuronal signaling in the brain.

● Shown to support positive mood and sense of well-being.

● Improves fat-soluble vitamin absorption such as vitamins A, D, E and K.  

● Provides building blocks for synthesis of coenzyme Q10 for energy production.

● Bolsters skin integrity and wound healing capacity.

With diverse roles across body systems, high-purity pure cholesterol helps fill critical biochemical needs.


Beyond direct use as a supplement, cholesterol has applications across multiple industries:

Cell Culture

Used in cell growth media to provide cholesterol needed for cell membrane genesis and signaling.


Added to supplements for hormone balance, mood, cognition, skin and cardiovascular health.

Medical Foods

Prescribed to help manage age-related hormone changes and nutrient malabsorption.


Used topically to improve skin moisture, elasticity, and wound healing.

Liver Health

Supports bile acid and membrane synthesis in the liver.

Infant Formula

Provides cholesterol needed for brain development.

Animal Feed

Enhances fertility, growth and egg/milk production in livestock.

With diverse biological functions, high-purity cholesterol has many uses across pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and personal care industries.

Flow Chart

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Packing And Shipping

● Fast lead time, with a professional freight forwarder;

● Fast service response to customers' orders;

●  25kgs/drum, Double polyethylene bags inside, and high-quality standard carton drum outside.

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We have professional product certifications and technical invention patents, including Kosher certification, FDA certificate, ISO9001, PAHS Free, HAlAL, NON-GMO, SC.



We have participated in SUPPLYSIDE WEST. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, India, Canada, Japan, and so on.


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