Eucommia Leaf Extract

Product Name:Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract 98% Chlorogenic acid
Type:Herbal Extract
appearance:White Powder
Test Method:HPLC UV
Grade:Top Grade
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years
Packing:Drum,Plastic Container

What is Eucommia Leaf Extract

The product you mentioned is eucommia leaf extract, which is an herbal extract derived from the leaves of the Eucommia ulmoides tree. Here are some details about this specific extract: Type: Herbal Extract Appearance: White Powder Part: Leaf Specification: 98% The specification "98%" refers to the concentration of the active compound chlorogenic acid in the extract. 

Eucommia ulmoides extract is a natural phenolic compound found in various plants, including Eucommia ulmoides. A 98% concentration indicates a highly concentrated extract with a high percentage of chlorogenic acid. Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract is known for its potential health benefits, primarily attributed to its chlorogenic acid content.

Eucommia Ulmoides Extract Benefits:

Eucommia leaf extract (ELE) has been read up for its likely advantages on rest and locomotor action. Here is a rundown of the advantages that have been accounted for in logical examinations:

Diminished locomotor action: eucommia extract has been found to meaningfully affect locomotor movement. It might possibly lessen exorbitant development and hyperactivity, prompting a more loosened up state.

Expanded NREM rest: NREM (non-quick eye development) rest is a significant period of the rest cycle related with helpful capabilities. ELE has been displayed to build the term or advance the commencement of NREM rest. This might bring about better rest quality and generally relaxation.

Fragrant healing impacts: The smell of eucommia ulmoides extract has been accounted for to add to its impacts on rest and locomotor movement. Inward breath of the fragrance might have a mitigating and quieting impact, advancing unwinding and working with rest.

Potential REM rest balance: REM (quick eye development) rest is the stage related with dreaming and mental handling. The somewhat related variables of oral ELE's consequences for locomotor movement and NREM rest recommend that it might likewise have some impact on REM rest, albeit further examination is expected to comprehend this angle completely.


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