Magnolia Bark Extract Powder

Part Used:bark
Appearance:white powder
Main contents:magnolol
Specification: 98%
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Magnolia Bark Extract Powder?

Magnolia bark (Magnolia officinalis) has been esteemed in traditional medicine for its therapeutic properties. From the bark of the magnolia tree, Magnolia Bark Extract Powder is derived, presenting itself as a white powder. This article delves into the specifics of Magnolia Bark Extract Powder, including its part used, appearance, and high-purity specification of 98% magnolol.

Part Used: Bark

Magnolia bark extract powder is sourced from the bark of the magnolia tree. The bark is rich in bioactive compounds, with magnolol being the primary focus. Utilizing the bark allows for the concentration of this specific compound.

Appearance: White Powder

Magnolia grandiflora bark extract is typically presented in the form of a fine white powder. Its purity and simplicity in appearance make it versatile for various applications, including dietary supplementation.

Specification: 98% Magnolol

One of the notable features of magnolia tree bark extract is its high-purity specification of 98% magnolol. This specification signifies that the extract is composed of 98% magnolol, a compound with significant therapeutic potential.

Main Contents: Magnolol

Magnolol is the primary active compound found in Magnolia Bark Extract Powder. It is a polyphenolic compound with remarkable therapeutic properties.

Understanding the Active factors

To completely appreciate the eventuality of it, it's important to understand its active factors

Magnolol A crucial bioactive emulsion in magnolia dinghy, magnolol has been considerably studied for its remedial parcels, including antioxidant,anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective goods.

Honokiol Another major active emulsion, honokiol, shares analogous health benefits with magnolol, making them a potent brace in promoting well- being.

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder Benefits

1.Imortant Antioxidant in Cardiovascular conditions

The antioxidant parcels of it make it a precious supporter in cardiovascular health. By negativing free revolutionaries, it helps cover the heart and blood vessels from oxidative stress, reducing the threat of heart complaint.

2.Antibacterial and Antiviral goods

Magnolia tree bark extract has demonstrated antibacterial and antiviral parcels, making it an excellent seeker for combating infections. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and contagions, potentially reducing the threat of colorful ails.

3.Anxiety Relief, Improved Sleep, and Insomnia Relief

It has been used traditionally to palliate anxiety and ameliorate sleep quality. Its comforting goods on the nervous system can help individualities relax, reduce anxiety, and indeed relieve wakefulness.

4.Anti-Tumor andAnti-Cancer

primary exploration suggests that magnolol and honokiol may retainanti-tumor andanti-cancer parcels. These composites have shown implicit in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, though farther studies are demanded to establish their effectiveness.

5.Anti-Inflammatory and Brain Protection Against Alzheimer's Disease

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder exhibitsanti-inflammatory goods, which can be salutary for managing habitual seditious conditions. also, exploration indicates that magnolol may cover the brain from Alzheimer's complaint by reducing the conformation of amyloid pillars, a hallmark of the condition.

6.Dental Health and Smoking Cessation

It has been delved for its eventuality in precluding dental caries and periodontal complaint. also, it may play a part in bridling tobacco dependence , making it a precious resource for those trying to quit smoking.

7.Other Implicit Benefits

There's ongoing exploration into the eventuality of magnolia dinghy excerpt for colorful health enterprises, including weight operation, stress reduction, and skin health.


1. Health Food and Dietary Supplements

Magnolia grandiflora bark extract is generally used in the health food assiduity as a raw material for salutary supplements. These supplements frequently target specific health enterprises, similar as anxiety relief, sleep enhancement, or cardiovascular support.

2. Food Complements for Functional Foods

In the food cumulative assiduity, it serves as a functional food component. It can be incorporated into colorful food products, including functional potables and health-conscious snacks.

3. Medical Field

In the medical field, it is used as a raw material for traditional drugs. It may be included in phrasings to address specific health conditions or symptoms.

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