NAD Powder

Product Name:NAD Powder
Dosage Form:Powder
Product Specification:99%
Storage Method:1-10℃
Appearance:White Powder
Package:1kg/bag 25kg/drum
MOQ:1 Kg
Shelf life:2 Years Proper Storage
Application:Health Care Food

What is NAD Powder

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, commonly known as NAD, is a essential cofactor involved in critical biological processes like energy production, DNA repair, gene expression, and calcium signaling. As a purified supplement, NAD powder helps sustain optimal cellular function.

NAD exists in two main forms - the oxidized NAD+ state and the reduced NADH state. This ability to accept and donate electrons makes NAD a vital cofactor for facilitating redox reactions in cells.

NAD helps convert nutrients into cellular energy as a critical cofactor for ATP production. It also enables DNA repair mechanisms and calcium signaling pathways important for cellular health.  

Still, NAD powder situations decline with age due to habitual inflammation, DNA damage, and metabolic shifts. This contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction, altered gene expression, and loss of cellular homeostasis.

Supplementing with a stabilized, high-purity it has been shown to significantly increase NAD concentrations in tissues and blood to counteract this age-related depletion.

Sustainably sourced from fermented microbial systems, pharmaceutical-grade Pure Nmn Powder provides optimal purity, potency and stability as a nutritional supplement.



NAD+,CAS 53-84-9

Other names

coenzyme I;
Codehydrase I;
Codehydrogenase I;
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide;
Cozymase I;
diphosphopyridine nucleotide;
beta-Diphosphopyridine nucleotide;
beta-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide;
Nicotinamide dinucleotide;

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Extensive research over the past two decades has uncovered multiple evidence-based functions for NAD supplementation:

● Increases energy levels, endurance and muscle performance by optimizing mitochondrial function.

● Enhances cognitive function, focus and memory retention as NAD levels decline with age.

● Improves metabolic flexibility, insulin sensitivity and weight management.

● Protects eyesight by supporting the retina's high NAD demands for energy and repair.

● Promotes healthy aging through improved mitochondrial function and DNA repair capacity.

● Provides antioxidant effects against oxidative stress damaging to cells and tissues.  

● Enhances skin elasticity, moisture retention and wound healing capacity.

● Protects liver health by assisting natural detoxification pathways.

● Reduces fatigue, brain fog and low motivation associated with depletion.

With its essential role in maintaining cellular health and function, NAD powder provides next-level nutritional support.


In addition to direct supplementation, NAD has applications across multiple industries:

Nutraceuticals - It is added to performance, cognitive and longevity formulas as well as targeted organ support supplements.

Food/Beverage - It can be incorporated into functional foods and drinks as an ingredient for energy, anti-aging, and metabolism benefits.

Skincare - It enhances skin repair and rejuvenation when applied topically through creams or microneedle solutions.

Pharmaceuticals - It is used to help manage certain metabolic disorders like obesity, type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Pet Nutrition - It tailored for pets helps maintain cognitive function and mobility in aging dogs and cats.

Agriculture - It can optimize mitochondrial activity and stress resilience in livestock animals and crops.

Given its vital role in cellular homeostasis and function, NAD offers broad applicability as an ingredient and supplement across industries seeking to leverage leading-edge nutraceutical science.

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Packing And Shipping

● Fast lead time, with a professional freight forwarder;

● Fast service response to customers' orders;

●  25kgs/drum, Double polyethylene bags inside, and high-quality standard carton drum outside.

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