Pure Melatonin Powder

Pure Melatonin Powder

Appearance:white powder
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Pure Melatonin Powder?

Our company's production of Pure Melatonin Powder is designed and processed from high-quality raw materials. Melatonin is a natural hormone indispensable to the human body. It controls and affects the secretion of other different hormones. When the body's melatonin decreases, various functions of the human body will be affected, and various diseases will follow.

Studies have shown that the secretion of melatonin powder bulk in the human body begins to decrease after middle age, and in old age, the secretion of melatonin is not in the middle. Sufficient intake of melatonin as soon as possible can improve the function of the endocrine system, improve immunity, improve anti-stress and antioxidant functions, improve sleep, slow down the aging rate of the human body, and slow down the degeneration of sexual organs; melatonin can also help prevent cancer, It is especially helpful for habitual insomnia.

It can be widely used in health foods,various cosmetics, and nourishing care products.

Melatonin Powder Bulk Benefits:

1. Enhancing Endocrine System Function

The endocrine system is responsible for regulating hormones that control colorful fleshly functions. Pure Melatonin has been set up to have a nonsupervisory effect on the endocrine system, helping to maintain hormonal balance. This function is particularly important in supporting overall health and well- being.

Melatonin's part in the endocrine system can contribute to better hormone product and regulation, which in turn can appreciatively impact colorful fleshly processes, including sleep, mood, and metabolism.

2. Boosting impunity

Melatonin is decreasingly honored for its immunomodulatory goods. It can enhance the vulnerable response by stimulating the product of vulnerable cells and promoting their exertion. This boost in impunity helps the body defend against infections and conditions.

Particularly in times of stress or illness, melatonin's vulnerable- boosting parcels can be precious in supporting the body's natural defenses.

3. perfectingAnti-Stress and Antioxidant Functions

Pure Melatonin acts as a important antioxidant, helping to neutralize dangerous free revolutionaries in the body. This antioxidative function not only supports overall health but also assists in managing stress, as oxidative stress is frequently a result of stress- related processes.

By reducing oxidative stress, melatonin helps cover cells and apkins from damage, potentially reducing the threat of habitual conditions associated with oxidative damage.

4. Enhancing Sleep and Combating Insomnia

Melatonin's most well- known function is its part in regulating the sleep- wake cycle. It's frequently used as a supplement to ameliorate sleep quality, making it particularly salutary for individualities suffering from habitual wakefulness or sleep diseases.

By taking melatonin supplements, individualities can align their circadian measures, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. This not only improves sleep quality but also supports overall health.

5. decelerating Aging and Conserving Sexual Organs

Melatonin has been delved for its implicit part in decelerating the aging process. Its antioxidative parcels, as well as its influence on hormonal balance, can help cover cells and apkins from age- related damage.

also, melatonin has shown pledge in conserving the health of sexual organs. In both men and women, it may help maintain reproductive function and hormone situations as individualities age.

6. Fighting Cancer

Arising exploration suggests that melatonin may have a part in cancer forestallment and treatment. Melatonin's antioxidative and vulnerable- boosting parcels are allowed to play a part in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and reducing the threat of certain types of cancer.

While further exploration is demanded in this area, the implicitanti-cancer goods of melatonin are an instigative avenue of disquisition in the field of oncology.

The Application

1. Health Care Products

Pure Melatonin Powder is generally used as a raw material in the product of health care products. These products frequently include melatonin supplements aimed at perfecting sleep, supporting impunity, and promoting overall well- being.

2. Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical assiduity, melatonin is employed as a raw material in the development of specifics that address sleep diseases, mood diseases, and conditions related to hormonal imbalance.

3. Food and potables

Melatonin is employed in the food assiduity as an cumulative in products designed to enhance sleep quality. It can be set up in particulars similar as sleep- promoting potables and snacks.

4. Cosmetics

In cosmetics, melatonin powder bulk is used as a skincare material. Its antioxidative parcels make it a precious addition toanti-aging skincare products. Melatonin- containing skincare particulars are designed to cover the skin from free radical damage and support a immature complexion.


We have participated in SUPPLYSIDE WEST. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, India, Canada, Japan, and so on.


Our Factory

Our factory, located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Fang County, Shiyan City, boasts an advanced production line that features a 48-meter-long counter-current system with a processing capacity of 500-700 kg per hour. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two sets of 6 cubic meter tank extraction equipment, two sets of concentration equipment, three sets of vacuum drying equipment, one set of spray drying equipment, eight reactors, and eight chromatography columns, among others. With these cutting-edge tools, we are able to produce high-quality products efficiently and effectively.

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