White Kidney Bean Extract Powder

Product Name:white kidney bean Extract phaseollidin
Type:Herbal Extract
appearance:Light yellow powder
Source:white kidney bean
Test Method:HPLC UV
Grade:Food grade
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years
Packing:Drum,Plastic Container

What is White Kidney Bean Extract Powder

White kidney bean extract powder is a herbal extract derived from the white kidney bean. In this article, we will provide an overview of this extract, focusing on its appearance, source, and specification. As an expert in herbal extracts, we aim to offer valuable insights into this particular product.


White kidney bean extract powder is typically found in the form of a light yellow powder. The color may vary slightly depending on factors such as the extraction process and any additional processing steps involved. The light yellow appearance is a characteristic feature of the extract and is commonly observed in the market.


The source of white kidney bean extract is the white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). These beans are native to Central and South America and are widely cultivated for their culinary uses. The extract is derived from the beans through a specific extraction process that concentrates the desired compound, phaseollidin.


The specification of pure white kidney bean extract is listed as 2%. This percentage represents the concentration of the active compound, phaseollidin, in the extract. A 2% specification indicates that for every 100 parts of the extract, 2 parts are composed of phaseollidin. This specification provides an indication of the potency and concentration of the desired compound in the extract.

Main Function

White kidney bean extract has acquired prominence in the domain of wellbeing and health, with cases of different advantages, especially in weight the board. In this article, we will investigate the likely benefits of white kidney bean extricate, including weight reduction, craving control, and diminishing stomach fat. It is critical to take note of that while there is some encouraging exploration supporting these cases, further examinations are expected to lay out the viability of white kidney bean extricate for these reasons.

Weight reduction:

Pure white kidney bean extract is frequently connected with weight reduction because of inhibitting the protein alpha-amylase potential. This compound is liable for separating complex carbs into easier sugars for retention. By repressing alpha-amylase, white kidney bean concentrate might lessen the retention of carbs, possibly prompting a diminishing in generally calorie consumption. Notwithstanding, it is vital to take note of that weight reduction is a perplexing cycle impacted by different factors like eating routine, exercise, and individual digestion.

Hunger Control:

The fiber content of white kidney beans might add to expanded satiety and hunger control. Fiber-rich food sources will generally advance sensations of completion and might possibly assist with lessening gorging. White kidney bean remove, with its concentrated fiber content, may support overseeing hunger and forestalling extreme calorie utilization. Nonetheless, extra examination is important to lay out the immediate effect of white kidney bean separate on hunger control.

Diminishing Stomach Fat:

Overabundance stomach fat is related with an expanded gamble of different ailments. A few investigations propose that white kidney bean concentrate might decidedly affect lessening stomach fat. By repressing starch retention and possibly tweaking fat digestion, the concentrate might add to a decrease in stomach fat collection. Nonetheless, more examination is expected to completely comprehend the particular components and viability of white kidney bean remove in focusing on stomach fat.


White kidney bean extract often contains an ingredient called white kidney bean statin, which is thought to have the ability to inhibit starch-digesting enzymes, thereby slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. This gives white kidney bean extract some applications in the following areas:

1.Weight Management and Weight Loss

White kidney bean extract is widely used in weight management and weight loss products. Due to its property of inhibiting starch-digesting enzymes, it can reduce the body's absorption of carbohydrates, helping to control appetite and reduce calorie intake, thereby aiding weight loss.

2.Blood sugar control

Some studies show that white kidney bean extract can help control blood sugar levels, especially in people with diabetes. It slows down the digestion of starch, reduces rapid rises in blood sugar, and helps stabilize blood sugar.

3.Food Supplements

White kidney bean extract is often sold as a food supplement in capsule or powder form. People can take it as part of their daily diet to help control their weight or blood sugar.

4.Carbohydrate Control

White kidney bean extract can also be used in specific eating plans, such as low-carb or weight loss diets, to reduce carbohydrate absorption.

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