Application of new plant - derived pesticide on fruits and vegetables

2023-08-12 09:52:19

Plant-derived pesticides refer to pesticides whose active components come from plants. They are preferred pesticides to replace chemical pesticides in the production of pollution-free agricultural products.

Osthole- Osthole is an active ingredient obtained from the dried and ripe fruits of the umbelliferous plant cnithol beds in the preparation of 0.4% osthole emulsion. It has a good control effect on cruciferous vegetable cabbage insect and tea tree tea geometrid. Control cruciferous vegetables cabbage insect dosage of 0.4% 667 square meters of 80-120 ml of emulsion; The dosage for prevention and control of tea geometrid is 100-120 ml of 0.4% oil. Generally every 667 square meters with dilution liquid 50-75 kg, uniform spray, hold effect for 7 days or so, the safety of crops.

Sanguinarine --Sanguinarine is one of the main active components of Sanguinarine, an extract of Sanguinarine from papaveraceae. It is prepared in 1% Sanguinarine wettable powder (5% Macleaya Alkaloids wettable powder). The drug has a certain control effect on cruciferous vegetable cabbage, kidney bean aphid, apple yellow aphid and tetrarchs mite, pear woodlouse. The control of cruciferous vegetable cabbage and kidney bean aphid using a dose of 1% wettable powder 667 square meters of 30-50 grams, in the early larval stage of cabbage spray control effect is the best; For the control of apple tree aphids, tetranychid mites, and pear woodlouse, 1% wettable powder was used, and the dilution ratio was 1500-2500 times. Generally, the control effect was best when the tetranychid mites and pear woodlouse were sprayed evenly in the nymphs of young age. The rapidity of the drug is general, usually 3 days after the drug control effect obviously increased, the retention period of about 7 days, It's safer for crops.

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