Authentic Chinese Medicinal Materials

2023-08-12 10:41:13

According to the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Law of the People's Republic of China" (adopted on December 25, 2016), authentic Chinese medicinal materials refer to those selected from the long-term clinical application of Chinese medicine, produced in a specific area, and similar to those produced in other regions. Compared with, the quality and curative effect are better, and the quality is stable, and the Chinese medicinal materials with high reputation.

1. Concept

Authentic medicinal materials, also known as authentic medicinal materials, are synonymous with high-quality Chinese medicinal materials. They refer to the superior efficacy of medicinal materials. This concept is derived from the production and clinical practice of Chinese medicine. It has been confirmed by countless Chinese medicine clinical practices for thousands of years. A unique comprehensive standard for distinguishing the quality of high-quality Chinese medicinal materials from ancient times, and a unique comprehensive standard for controlling the quality of medicinal materials in Chinese pharmacy. It is popularly believed that authentic medicinal materials refer to a specific natural The medicinal materials produced in the region of the conditions and ecological environment, and the production is relatively concentrated, with certain cultivation techniques and harvesting and processing methods, high quality and good efficiency, and are recognized by Chinese medicine clinics.

2.Judgement Standard

(1)Authentic medicinal materials must undergo a certain period of clinical testing under the guidance of TCM theories.

Many authentic medicinal materials have a long history of application; even new drugs must undergo a long period of clinical testing before they can be universally recognized.

(2)Authentic medicinal materials have exerted excellent effects in medical practice and gained a high reputation.

Authentic medicinal materials are bound to have good clinical effects, which are widely praised by doctors. In order to market medicinal materials, medicinal materials operators will also advertise them widely, making this kind of medicinal materials with outstanding curative effects a household name.

(3)The production of authentic medicinal materials has obvious regional characteristics.

This kind of regionality is either reflected in the unique dependence of the medicinal materials on a specific production area; or reflected in the unique production technology of its origin, which is not comparable to other places; or the exquisite processing technology is inherited in the origin. The skills of other regions cannot be replaced; or the output of medicinal materials in a specific production area has remained stable for a long time, occupying the mainstream position of medicinal materials trading.

3.Influencing factors of authentic medicinal materials

1. Species quality

The fundamental reason why authentic medicinal materials are different from ordinary medicinal materials lies in their own quality. It is necessary to explain here that not all medicinal materials are authentic. Different organisms. The requirements for ecological conditions are different, some are very strict, and some are not very strict, with strong adaptability and wide distribution. For example, dandelion, bird eggs, etc., are widely distributed and available everywhere, and for example, Platycodon grandiflorum has a wide range of adaptations, and there is no obvious local area.

2. Natural environment

Our country has a vast land, intricate terrain, and diverse climatic conditions. The topography, soil, climate, and other conditions of different regions have formed different authentic medicinal materials. Under the unique environment, the species has formed its own quality, growth, and reproduction habits. Once the environment changes (whether the species has left the original regional environment or the original regional environment has changed; whether it is man-made changes or the development of nature itself), it will inevitably force the species to make adaptive adjustments; if the species cannot Adaptation will eventually suffer the fate of extinction.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Authentic medicinal materials were discovered in the practice of Chinese medicine and were summarized and guided by theory. The specific performance is to discover the efficacy of drugs, expand the types of drugs, guide the application of traditional Chinese medicine, and inspect the quality of medicinal materials. The authentic medicinal materials are used to treat diseases, and what kind of efficacy they have is summarized and tested by Chinese medicine.

4. Agricultural cultivation

The direct significance of agricultural cultivation for medicine is to expand the resources of medicine. The drug was originally wild, limited in quantity, and limited in its place of origin, making it relatively difficult to obtain. The emergence of medicinal cultivation has enabled humans to have a relatively stable source of medicines, and the scope of production has also expanded. Moreover, as the cultivation of medicines matures, cultivated varieties often replace the original wild varieties and are called the main source of medicines. Agricultural cultivation not only enables the preservation and development of medical resources but also expands the types of medical applications. Wild species often have few resources, and people only realize some of their application methods under the condition of limited resources. However, artificially cultivated varieties have large yields and rich resources. People have gradually discovered other application methods based on their wide application. , The most significant significance of agricultural cultivation for authentic medicinal materials is reflected in the formation of drug production areas. A certain area adopts appropriate agricultural cultivation methods under the premise of a suitable environment to grow a certain authentic medicinal material on a long-term and large-scale basis. It can provide a stable source of medicinal materials for the market.

5. Technology manufacturing

The development of technological manufacturing has played a broad role in promoting the economy and culture of the entire society. For authentic medicinal materials, its direct role is to promote the dissemination of medical knowledge and promote the innovation of tool technology.

6. Other

Economy and trade have an important influence on authentic medicinal materials, and the commercialization of medicinal materials is the driving force for the formation and development of authentic medicinal materials. This effect. It's not just to promote the circulation of drugs.