Development prospect of plant extracts in breeding field

2023-08-12 09:46:36

Plant extracts refer to substances with specific biological functions that are extracted and processed with appropriate solvents or methods using plants as raw materials. China has a vast area, diverse climate, rich plant extracts raw materials, more varieties. At present, the research and application of more widely include polysaccharides, polyphenols, saponins and amino acids. Most of the substances are secondary metabolites of various plants, containing one or several groups such as ketone, phenol, terpene and ether, which are the basis of various biological activities of plant extracts.

Plant extracts can improve the activity of antioxidant enzymes, remove excess free radicals, and alleviate the damage of oxidative stress on animals. In addition, can inhibit and remove the intestinal pathogenic bacteria, improve the internal environment of the intestinal tract, promote intestinal development, improve the intestinal function to improve the production performance of animals, at the same time also have antivirus, immune regulation and so on the many kinds of biological function, and with safety, high efficiency, less side effects, small residue, thus to improve oxidation resistance, relieve oxidative stress, Plant extracts have high development potential and research value, and are also the research focus in the field of antibiotic substitutes after the comprehensive "anti-resistance" of feed.

China is rich in natural plant resources, which can be used to produce plant extracts. At the same time, a large number of research and application experiments have confirmed that plant extracts have dual advantages in resource and safety in improving antioxidant performance and alleviating oxidative stress of livestock and poultry. However, there are still some limitations in the production and application of plant extracts.

Firstly, the process of plant extraction needs further research and promotion. At present, some extraction reagents are toxic, the process cost is high and the purity of the extract is low. Secondly, the structure and functional mechanism of plant extracts needs to be further studied and analyzed. Currently, only a few plant extracts such as resveratrol and saponins have clear structures. At the same time, the application effect evaluation of plant extracts needs more basic data support. In addition, the interaction of plant extracts with other nutrients and bioactive factors is not completely clear. Only when these problems are solved systematically, can the potential of plant extracts in maintaining the health of livestock and poultry, improving production performance, and improving the quality of livestock products be brought into full play.

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