Does phosphatidylserine lower cortisol?

2023-11-08 13:36:54

Cortisol is frequently appertained to as the “ stress hormone ” due to its part in the body's response to stress. While normal oscillations in cortisol situations are healthy, habitual high cortisol can negatively impact physical and internal health. Phosphatidylserine is a natural emulsion that has been suggested to help regulate cortisol situations when they're too high. In this composition, we ’ll explore the link between phosphatidylserine and cortisol, examining the scientific substantiation on phosphatidylserine’s capability to moderate stress and promote healthy cortisol situations.

Understanding the connection between phosphatidylserine and cortisol regulation is important, as maintaining normal cortisol product is crucial for overall well- being. Examining the exploration on how phosphatidylserine influences the body’s stress response can help us learn how to keep cortisol in balance for optimal health.

What is Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that's naturally produced in the body. It's a element of mortal cell membranes, particularly concentrated in the membranes of neural towel.( 1)

Phosphatidylserine product declines with age, leading to enterprise that phosphatidylserine supplements could haveanti-aging goods. utmost phosphatidylserine supplements are deduced from soy or cabbage.( 2)

It's believed that phosphatidylserine powder may dampen the release of stress hormones, primarily cortisol, conceivably by inhibiting the activation of corticotropin releasing hormone.( 3) This could help alleviate some of the negative goods of elevated cortisol.

Role of Cortisol in the Body

Cortisol is an essential hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands as part of the body’s daily circadian rhythm. Cortisol helps regulate blood sugar, metabolism, blood pressure, immune function, and the body’s stress response.[4]

In response to acute stress, cortisol provides energy to deal with pressure or pitfalls. still, when cortisol remains elevated long- term, it can beget issues like increased abdominal fat, weight gain, and thinning of the skin.( 5) Dragged high cortisol is linked to internal health problems as well, including depression and anxiety.( 6)

Chancing ways to help keep cortisol situations balanced is important for overall heartiness. This is where phosphatidylserine may come into play.

Scientific Research on Phosphatidylserine and Cortisol

Multiple scientific studies have anatomized the relationship between phosphatidylserine and cortisol stashing both at rest and in response to stress.

A( double-eyeless, placebo- controlled study)( https// on 16 subjects set up that those who took 800 mg per day of phosphatidylserine for 2 weeks displayed a significant reduction in cortisol following an acute exercise stressor compared to placebo.( 7)

Another( placebo- controlled trial)( https// in 2011 studied the goods of 300 mg/ day soy- deduced phosphatidylserine on salivary cortisol in 78 senior levies. After 30 days, the phosphatidylserine group showed significantly lowered daily cortisol situations.( 8)

Some studies show phosphatidylserine reduces cortisol stashing at rest as well. A( 2007 study)( https// on healthy men set up that 600 mg/ day of phosphatidylserine for 10 days dropped evening cortisol versus placebo.( 9)

Still, a many studies have set up no significant difference between cortisol situations in phosphatidylserine and placebo groups.( 10) further exploration is still demanded, but numerous studies demonstrate phosphatidylserine’s cortisol- lowering eventuality.

Mechanism of Action

The precise mechanism behind phosphatidylserine’s ability to reduce cortisol is still unclear. However, scientists have identified some ways phosphatidylserine may moderate the body’s response to stress.

One theory is that phosphatidylserine may inhibit corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH), a hormone that triggers the adrenal glands to release cortisol. By blocking excess CRH, phosphatidylserine could prevent cortisol overproduction.[11]

Endogenous cannabinoids are neurotransmitters that help regulate mood, pain sensation, appetite and other processes. cranking cannabinoid receptors may drop exertion in the hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal( HPA) axis, lowering cortisol stashing.( 12)

Via these proposed mechanisms, supplemental phosphatidylserine may help control cortisol levels and moderate the body’s response to stressful stimuli. However, more research is needed to fully understand phosphatidylserine’s mechanisms of action.

Evidence Supporting Phosphatidylserine for Cortisol Regulation

The scientific literature contains several clinical trials and experimental studies indicating Pure Phosphatidylserine Powder can help regulate cortisol product

- A( 2006 meta- analysis)( https// reviewed seven studies on phosphatidylserine and stress response. It concluded phosphatidylserine significantly lowered ACTH and cortisol stashing following exercise stress.( 13)

- A( study in 2007)( https// set up 600 mg/ day of phosphatidylserine for 10 days lowered evening cortisol situations versus placebo in healthy men. still, cortisol didn't drop following an acute stressor.( 9)

- In a( 2008 study)( https// of healthy men, 600 mg/ day of phosphatidylserine for 42 days reduced cortisol response to physical stress during exercise.( 14)

- Per a( 2011 placebo- controlled trial)( https//, 300 mg/ day of soy- deduced phosphatidylserine for 30 days dropped daily salivary cortisol by18.4 in senior subjects.( 8)

- A( 2014 study)( https// on 15 manly golfers set up that 600 mg/ day of phosphatidylserine for 42 days lowered cortisol and increased performance under pressure.( 15)

Still, some studies show no significant cortisol- lowering effect, indicating further exploration is needed before establishment conclusions can be made.( 16) Overall, several studies demonstrate phosphatidylserine has the implicit to help moderate cortisol.

Mild side goods may include insomnia and stomach derangement, particularly at advanced boluses. Phosphatidylserine can theoretically increase the threat of bleeding when combined with blood thinners.( 18)

There's inadequate data on phosphatidylserine's safety for pregnant or nursing women. While generally considered safe, those with bleeding diseases or on blood thinners should exercise caution with phosphatidylserine.( 19)

Always consult a croaker before starting phosphatidylserine, especially if you have a medical condition or take any specifics. further long- term safety exploration is demanded to completely understand phosphatidylserine’s goods.

How Does Phosphatidylserine Affect Cortisol?

Research indicates Phosphatidylserine Bulk can dampen spikes in cortisol secretion triggered by both physical and mental stress. Per studies, phosphatidylserine may:

- Reduce cortisol release from the adrenal glands following an acute stressful event like exercise or public speaking.[7]

- Lower daily baseline cortisol levels when taken regularly over weeks or months.[9]

- Blunt activation of the HPA axis, reducing cortisol output long-term.[12]

- Decrease cortisol’s negative impacts on cognition, mood, and metabolism.[15]

Phosphatidylserine’s cortisol-lowering effect may help counteract some of the adverse effects of chronic stress and elevated cortisol. More research is still needed to clarify phosphatidylserine’s effects on cortisol.

How Long Does it Take for Phosphatidylserine to Lower Cortisol?

Studies show phosphatidylserine may start dwindling cortisol situations within just a many days or weeks of diurnal use. still, the timeline can vary depending on the cure and the existent.

In exploration trials, phosphatidylserine boluses of 300- 800 mg per day have been set up to lower cortisol versus placebo over ages ranging from 10 days over to 6 weeks.( 8)( 9)

One( study)( https// on healthy men showed 600 mg/ day of phosphatidylserine for 10 days reduced evening cortisol situations but didn't affect cortisol harpoons following an acute stress test.( 9)

Another( trial)( https// using 300 mg/ day set up significant diminishments in diurnal cortisol after 30 days of phosphatidylserine supplementation in aged grown-ups.( 8)

Advanced boluses may work more fleetly, but there's no definitive exploration on exact timelines. Phosphatidylserine likely requires harmonious use for multiple weeks to have an effect on cortisol. Consult a croaker for guidance on phosphatidylserine lozenge and timing.

How Long Does it Take Phosphatidylserine to Kick In?

Grounded on limited exploration, phosphatidylserine may start to take effect within 1- 2 weeks, but peak benefits likely do after sustained diurnal use for 4- 6 weeks or longer.

One( study)( https// showed diminishments in evening cortisol after just 10 days on phosphatidylserine.( 9) still, another( trial)( https// set up more significant cortisol reductions after 30 days.( 8)

For reducing cortisol harpoons during acute stress, phosphatidylserine may protest in briskly. A( 2007 meta- analysis)( https// set up phosphatidylserine significantly lowered cortisol after exercise stress within just 2- 3 weeks.( 13)

Phosphatidylserine likely requires harmonious use for at least 4- 6 weeks to achieve optimal cortisol- lowering goods. Timelines can vary by individual and lozenge. Work with a healthcare provider to determine applicable phosphatidylserine use.

Can Phosphatidylserine Raise Cortisol?

There's no substantiation that phosphatidylserine increases or raises cortisol situations. Studies have only delved phosphatidylserine's efficacity in lowering, not elevating, cortisol.

Some supplements like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and magnesium can potentially raise cortisol in some individualities, particularly at high boluses. still, phosphatidylserine has not been associated with advanced cortisol in any exploration to date.

In fact, scientific reviews conclude phosphatidylserine acts to inhibit cortisol release and reduce cortisol harpoons from stressors.( 11)( 13) If phosphatidylserine supplementation is causing symptoms of high cortisol, consult a croaker incontinently.

What are the Bad Side Effects of Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is generally well- permitted by utmost people at recommended tablets. still, a many mild side goods are possible

- Insomnia There are insulated reports of wakefulness from phosphatidylserine, probably due to its goad goods. Taking phosphatidylserine before in the day may help.( 20)

- Stomach worried Some druggies report nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, especially at high boluses. Reducing lozenge frequently minimizes this side effect.( 21)

- Headaches Infrequently, headaches can do as a side effect of phosphatidylserine. Staying doused may help manage headaches.( 22)

- Doziness While rare, phosphatidylserine may beget doziness and fatigue in some individualities, conceivably due to lowered cortisol.( 23

There are many proved serious side goods of phosphatidylserine. Still, it's important to use the smallest effective cure under medical supervision. See a croaker at the first sign of adverse goods.

What Should Not Be Taken with Phosphatidylserine?

There are a many specifics and supplements that may interact with phosphatidylserine and shouldn't be taken together unless approved by a croaker

- Blood thinners Phosphatidylserine may increase bleeding threat when combined with anticoagulant and antiplatelet medicines like warfarin( Coumadin), clopidogrel( Plavix), or aspirin.( 24)

- Cholesterol medicines Phosphatidylserine can theoretically enhance the goods of statins like atorvastatin( Lipitor), adding the threat of muscle damage.( 25)

- Anodynes Phosphatidylserine may enhance the dreamy goods of specifics like zolpidem( Ambien), alprazolam( Xanax) and diazepam( Valium).( 26)

- instigations Phosphatidylserine may interact with goad medicines like amphetamines and some ADHD specifics. Use caution when combining.( 27)

- Hormones Phosphatidylserine may disrupt the goods of corticosteroids, contraceptives, estrogen, and thyroid hormones in some cases.( 28)

Consult a croaker before taking phosphatidylserine, especially if you take any regular tradition specifics or supplements. further exploration is still demanded on phosphatidylserine medicine relations.


Some scientific exploration indicates supplemental phosphatidylserine may help lower cortisol situations, both at diurnal birth and in response to acute stress. Studies show phosphatidylserine can drop cortisol stashing within 1- 2 weeks of use, with more significant goods after 4- 6 weeks.

While generally safe and well- permitted, phosphatidylserine may interact with certain specifics. further exploration is still demanded to clarify optimal dosing, timelines, and long- term efficacity and safety. Those interested in using phosphatidylserine to manage high cortisol should consult a healthcare professional first.

In summary, phosphatidylserine is a promising natural emulsion that may prop cortisol regulation. But more large- scale mortal studies are demanded before establishment conclusions can be made. Under medical guidance, phosphatidylserine could be a helpful addition to amulti-faceted approach to maintaining healthy cortisol and reducing habitual stress.

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