Efficacy and effect of kelp extract in skin care cosmetics

2023-08-11 20:26:33

Many consumers see some cosmetics contain "kelp extract" this kind of chemical substance, do not know the efficacy and effect of this substance, want to understand the product containing kelp extract is good. This article introduces the effect and effect of kelp extract on skin.

LAMINARIA JAPONICA EXTRACT, The English name is LAMINARIA JAPONICA EXTRACT, kelp EXTRACT in cosmetics, skin care products is the main role of body-building components, odor inhibitors, antioxidants, risk coefficient of 1, relatively safe, can rest assured use, generally no impact on pregnant women, kelp EXTRACT has no acne-causing.

The inhibition of uricase can reduce the production of ammonia substances, β -D-glucuronidase can reduce the low carbonic acid, can inhibit body odor; It has certain inhibitory effect on the activity of elastase and elimination of oxygen free radical, making it anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. At the same time to the activation of lipase has a strong promotion, can be used as weight loss agent.

Kelp extracts are suitable for wrinkled, tolerant, oily, pigmented, sensitive and non-pigmented skin types.