Functions of Senna Leaf Extract

2023-08-12 10:43:37

We understand that senna leaf belongs to a relatively common Chinese medicinal material. Its actual effect on the treatment of intractable constipation is very good, and the extract of senna leaf has a very good healing effect, and its specific ingredient It is sennoside. This type of ingredient can be converted into another substance in the sigmoid colon, that is, anthrone berberine, which can improve hydrodynamic metabolism and is often used as a coordinating cathartic.

The specific component in senna is called sennoside. The molecular structure of this component is transformed into another substance in the sigmoid colon by microbial strains, berberine anthrone, which has beneficial effects to stimulate the sigmoid colon specificity (it accelerates gastrointestinal function and improves digestion and absorption) and improves hydrodynamic metabolism.

The laxative effect of sennoside and its specific compound berberine anthrone are thought to inhibit the digestion and absorption of water and lithium battery electrolytes in the intestines, thereby increasing the volume of intestinal contents and working pressure. It will stimulate the sigmoid colon by pushing and tightening fitness exercises.

In addition, the stimulating effect on specific fluoride metabolism improves the content of intestinal calcium and magnesium ions and lithium battery electrolytes. This transformation in the transportation of specific lithium battery electrolyte depends on the calcium element on the surface of the plasma membrane.

The laxative effect of sennoside is partly through the stimulating effect on the fluid mechanics of the sigmoid colon and the metabolism of the lithium battery electrolyte, and the metabolic workability is controlled by the stimulating effect on the whole process of the production of endogenous prostacyclin. Sunnyside can be made into enema or suppository or mixed with defecation softener or chemical fiber laxative to form a synergistic laxative.

Sennoside is a super-powerful laxative, so you should take it carefully and pay attention to the dosage. It is very suitable for women who are pregnant, menstrual period or after giving birth to a child. Because of its irritation, it cannot be used for patients with inflammation of the digestive tract. The stimulating effect on the intestinal mucosa may cause irritation, pain or nausea, or diarrhea when taking too much medicine.