How to Take Phosphatidylserine?

2023-11-08 13:50:04

Phosphatidylserine is an decreasingly popular supplement touted to enhance brain function, ameliorate mood, and heighten athletic performance. But to witness the full range of phosphatidylserine’s implicit benefits, it's important to take it rightly. In this composition, we will examine the optimal dosing, timing, and operation recommendations for phosphatidylserine supplementation grounded on the rearmost scientific exploration.

Understanding how to duly take phosphatidylserine can help maximize its effectiveness. Examining factors like lozenge, timing, safety preventives, and implicit side goods can insure phosphatidylserine is used meetly to meet individual health pretensions.

What is Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that's naturally produced in the body to support normal cellular function, especially in neural towel. It's a crucial element of mortal cell membranes.( 1)

Supplemental phosphatidylserine is commonly derived from soy or cabbage sources. It has been suggested to improve cognitive skills, exercise performance, mood, and the body’s response to stress. [2]

Exploration indicates phosphatidylserine may work by optimizing cell membrane fluidity, stimulating neurotransmitter release, and suppressing cortisol product. still, its mechanisms are still not completely understood.( 3)

Forms of Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is available in capsule, softgel, or powder forms. The main forms include:

- Capsules: Phosphatidylserine capsules contain phosphatidylserine powder in a gelatin or vegetarian capsule shell. Capsules are the most common form.

- Softgels: These provide liquid phosphatidylserine in a soft gelatin capsule. Some prefer softgels for easier absorption. [4]

- Powder: Bulk Phosphatidylserine Powder can be mixed into smoothies, water or juice for dosing flexibility. Powders may also enhance absorption.

There is little evidence showing major differences in efficacy between these forms. Capsules provide the most convenient option for regular use for most people. Consult a doctor on the optimal form of phosphatidylserine to meet your needs.

Recommended Dosage

Studies assessing phosphatidylserine for cognitive improvement have used boluses ranging from 100- 500 mg per day, generally divided into two boluses.( 5)

For athletic performance and stress management, doses of 300-800 mg per day are more common. Doses up to 2000 mg daily have been safely used in research, but there is no evidence of greater benefits above 800 mg. [6]

Lower doses around 100 mg may be appropriate for young, healthy adults. Older adults may benefit from 400-500 mg daily. Always follow dosage guidelines on the supplement label.

It’s best to start with 100-300 mg daily and slowly increase based on individual tolerance and desired effects. Divide dosage into 2-3 doses throughout the day.

Timing of Phosphatidylserine Supplementation

Optimal timing of phosphatidylserine depends partially on your goals for supplementation. Some research indicates:

- cognitive benefits, take 100-300 mg 30-60 minutes before mentally demanding tasks like studying, test-taking or work projects. [7]

- exercise performance, take 300-800 mg 60-90 minutes before your workout. Cycling 100-300 mg doses before, during and after exercise may also help. [8]

- mood and  stress, take higher doses of 300-800 mg earlier in the day. Spread into 2-3 doses. [9]

- For general health, aim for consistent dosing by taking 1-3 doses at routine times each day with food.

Take phosphatidylserine with meals when possible, as dietary fats can enhance absorption. [10] Time doses 4-6 hours apart for steady coverage.

Considerations for Usage

Phosphatidylserine bulk is best taken with food containing fat to maximize immersion. exemplifications include avocado, adipose fish, nuts, olive oil painting, eggs, and full- fat dairy.( 11)

Avoid taking phosphatidylserine with hot beverages like coffee or tea, as high temperatures can break it down. [12]

Allow 30-60 minutes after taking phosphatidylserine before drinking caffeinated beverages, as caffeine may reduce absorption.

Stagger phosphatidylserine dosing from medications or other supplements to prevent potential interactions. Consult a doctor before combining with blood thinners, sedatives, and cholesterol or diabetes medications. [13]

Safety Considerations

Phosphatidylserine is generally well- permitted by utmost people at recommended tablets. But some mild side goods are possible, including wakefulness, stomach derangement, and headaches.( 14)

There's inadequate safety data on phosphatidylserine for pregnant or nursing women, so supplementation isn't recommended. Those with bleeding diseases should exercise caution with phosphatidylserine due to implicit bleeding pitfalls.( 15)

Adverse interactions can occur when combining phosphatidylserine with lithium, anticoagulants, immune suppressants, and some diabetics medications. Always consult a doctor before starting supplementation. [16]

Is it Better to Take Phosphatidylserine at Night or Morning?

Most research indicates taking phosphatidylserine in the morning may be preferable for several reasons:

- May improve cognitive function and motivation during the day. [17]

- May reduce cortisol spikes in the morning. [18]

- May interact with the body’s circadian rhythms. [19]

- May disrupt sleep if taken close to bedtime, possibly due to activating effects on the brain.

Still, some individualities report better sleep quality when taking phosphatidylserine at night. This may depend on the lozenge-lower boluses( 100- 300 mg) at night are less likely to intrude with sleep.

It's stylish to follow manufacturer or guru recommendations for dayvs. night operation grounded on your individual requirements and preferences.

Is it Safe to Take Phosphatidylserine Daily?

Exploration indicates it's likely safe for utmost individualities to take standard supplemental boluses of phosphatidylserine daily on an ongoing base.

Boluses up to 500 mg per day for 12 weeks and 800 mg per day for 6 months have been safely used in studies with minimum side goods.( 20)

Still, some experts recommend taking phosphatidylserine in cycles, similar as 5 days on, 2 days out. This may help help forbearance over time.

As with any supplement, it’s important to take the smallest effective cure, cover your individual response, and consult a healthcare professional before diurnal long- term use.

How Long Does it Take for Phosphatidylserine to Work?

Exploration shows phosphatidylserine may start furnishing cognitive and mood- related benefits within 30- 60 twinkles of supplementation. However, peak effects likely require consistent daily use for 4-6 weeks or longer. [21]

One study found 300mg per day improved aspects of memory and cognition after just 15 days. [22] But other trials show more significant benefits on cognitive tests after 3-4 weeks of continued use. [23]

For reducing cortisol and managing stress, phosphatidylserine may begin working within 1-2 weeks but optimal effects may take 4-6 weeks. [24] The timeline can vary substantially based on the individual and dosage. Consult a doctor for guidance.

What Should Not be Taken with Phosphatidylserine?

There are a many specifics and supplements that may interact with phosphatidylserine and shouldn't be taken together unless approved by a croaker:

- Blood thinners like warfarin, clopidogrel and aspirin - may increase bleeding risk [25]

- Cholesterol drugs like statins - may increase risk of muscle damage [26]

- Sedatives like ambien, xanax, valium - may enhance sedative effects excessively [27]

- Stimulants like caffeine or some ADHD medications - may oppose the effects

- Hormones like corticosteroids, estrogen, thyroid hormones - may disrupt effects [28]

Always consult your croaker before taking phosphatidylserine with any other specifics or supplements to help implicit relations.

What are the Bad Side Effects of Phosphatidylserine?

At recommended tablets, phosphatidylserine has veritably many side goods in utmost people. still, some implicit adverse goods can include:

- Insomnia and restlessness, especially if taken in the evening [29]

- Stomach upset, nausea or diarrhea, particularly at high doses [30]

- Headaches or dizziness in sensitive individuals, often transient [31]

- Increased risk of bleeding when combined with anticoagulant drugs [32]

- Fatigue or lethargy, possibly due to lowered cortisol [33]

There are few if any serious side effects associated with phosphatidylserine itself at standard doses. But it can interact with certain medications. Consult a doctor if any concerning reactions occur.

Does Phosphatidylserine Make You Sleepy?

Phosphatidylserine isn't generally associated with making people feel sleepy or drowsy. In fact, some exploration shows it may have mild goad goods.

One study set up that 600 mg daily bettered passions of insomnia and dropped day somnolence compared to placebo in healthy grown-ups.( 34)

It’s possible phosphatidylserine may cause drowsiness in sensitive individuals, especially at higher doses. This may be related to its effects on cortisol production.

However, any feelings of sleepiness or fatigue could also be tied to the specific brand or source of phosphatidylserine. High quality supplements from reputable manufacturers are less likely to cause sedation.


Phosphatidylserine is arising as an decreasingly popular supplement for brain health, exercise performance, stress operation, and general well- being. By following the proper dosing, timing, and operation guidelines, phosphatidylserine can be taken optimally to achieve maximum benefits.

Typical boluses range from 100- 800 mg per day, taken with fat- containing refections, and cycled daily over the long term. It may begin working within 30- 60 twinkles, with accretive goods over 4- 6 weeks. Under medical supervision, phosphatidylserine can be a safe, well- permitted addition to a brain- boosting authority.

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