Magic green tea extract

2023-08-12 09:48:13

Everyone knows green tea is a good thing. It has a very strong skin care effect, all kinds of skin care brands have a lot of green tea extract skin care products. Is green tea extract really so magical? What's so amazing about it?

The free radical theory of aging thinks: aging is due to the increase in the generation of free radicals inside the body, or because vitamin E and coenzyme Q and enzyme that clear free radicals are insufficient, leading to the cross-linking and inactivation of protein, enzyme and phospholipid, many cells are damaged and aging, so that the skin appears wrinkles and pigment spots.

Tea polyphenols and other substances in green tea extract have strong antioxidant capacity. The ability of green tea extract to remove reactive oxygen free radicals is stronger than that of vitamin C and vitamin E, which has the effect of reducing skin aging. Skin care OEM manufacturers use green tea polyphenols in skin protectants, which not only slow skin aging, but are also natural antioxidants in their own right.

Otherwise foreign literature reports, that green tea extract as a moisturizing agent can improve the skin's hydration, this is because the tea polyphenols in green tea extract molecules containing polyols structure, the absorption of moisture in the air, and its inhibition of hyaluronidase activity, therefore can achieve moisturizing effect, and can reduce the skin moisture loss.

A study published in 2010 on the use of plant-based ingredients in dermatology showed that topical application of green tea extract protects skin from uv damage and improves skin redness. In addition, EGCG can act as a sunscreen ingredient by inhibiting the free radicals induced by ultraviolet radiation, preventing the breakdown of collagen, and reducing the skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Skin care OEM manufacturer research also proved that green tea extract can improve skin smoothness, reduce inflammation, especially against the thin bacteria that cause acne and acne. It is very effective in treating acne and slowing down skin deterioration.

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