Precautions for eating Ganoderma lucidum extract

2023-08-12 10:44:45

Ganoderma lucidum is recognized as the most precious and valuable human health medicine in nutrition and medicine. Since ancient times, Ganoderma lucidum has been used as a medicinal material. With the increase of people's health awareness and the development of medical technology, there are now a lot of Ganoderma lucidum extract health products, and everyone can buy them home and take them by themselves. However, when consuming Ganoderma lucidum extract, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

The most important thing is that the dosage must be controlled within a reasonable range. Generally speaking, if it is used as drug treatment, the general dosage is around two hundred and five milligrams, and the number of doses is one to four times a day. If it is used for general health care and tonic, the daily use amount should be controlled at 30 mg to 120 mg. The dosage must be controlled. After all, Ganoderma is a tonic medicinal material, and excessive amounts will be counterproductive. Secondly, Ganoderma lucidum extract must be consumed with food. If consumed alone, it is likely to cause tail discomfort, especially if it is eaten for the first time, the stomach may not be able to bear it. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there will be side effects. Generally speaking, side effects include dry mouth and tongue, strong internal fire, nosebleeds, and stomach upset. The side effects are caused by excessive intake of Ganoderma lucidum extract, and may also be caused by my physique. Therefore, when consuming Ganoderma lucidum extract, you must strictly follow the packaging method. It is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor to avoid serious side effects.

Suitable people for Ganoderma lucidum extract

Ganoderma lucidum extract is a highly nutritious health product, which has great effects on the human body. Whether it is for disease treatment or daily maintenance, Ganoderma lucidum extract is very useful. However, as a health product with extremely high nutritional value, not everyone can use Ganoderma lucidum extract. Next, I will introduce to you who are suitable for Ganoderma lucidum extract.

First of all, people who are born weak and sick, and have a very weak physique. Such people have poor resistance, are very susceptible to illness, and are too weak in their physique. Consumption of Ganoderma lucidum extract in daily health care can strengthen the body, replenish life energy and vitality, and is of great help to physical recovery and physical fitness. Secondly, people who become weak due to serious diseases and have severe anemia. Ganoderma lucidum extract can restore vitality and nourish the blood. It is very useful to consume Ganoderma lucidum extract especially when vitality is severely injured. However, we need to remind everyone that if the body is irritated, it is not recommended to consume Ganoderma lucidum extract. Nutritional health products are very likely to cause excessive irritation and nosebleeds in the body due to excessive supplementation. Finally, those who suffer from cancer tumors. Ganoderma lucidum extracts have been used in anti-cancer treatments. Although they cannot completely cure tumors and cancers, they can control the spread of tumors, and it is medically proven that Ganoderma lucidum extracts are helpful to the treatment of tumors.

It is recommended that you take Ganoderma lucidum extract under the guidance of a doctor so that you can avoid side effects and nourish your body.