Resveratrol has multiple effects such as anti-tumor

2023-08-12 10:45:44

Dr. Fu Yuanqing from the Department of Bioengineering of Zhejiang University made a research report on resveratrol. The report pointed out that as a new type of dietary supplement, resveratrol has anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-lowering properties. , Hypoglycemic and other multiple functions. The research report was completed under the guidance of Professor Li Duo, a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Zhejiang University.

According to reports, the distribution structure of resveratrol is actually a polyphenol compound. Its main component is glucose. This substance exists in peanuts. It is a kind of plant antitoxin produced by plants under biological or abiotic stress. Resveratrol itself is unstable, it is often combined with glucose to form glycosides, and mainly exists in the formation of resveratrol glycosides in plants.

Fu Yuanqing pointed out in the report: Cell models, animal models, and other studies have confirmed that resveratrol has a wide range of multiple physiological effects. How to convert this evidence into clinical evidence requires more and more in-depth human studies. As a brand-new dietary supplement, we recommend that people moderately supplement resveratrol, a dietary source of resveratrol. Vegetables contain resveratrol, but the content is very low. It is mainly stored in the skins of grapes, and the flesh of the grapes is less, so there is more in red wine. The daily dietary intake of resveratrol is very low, and the cost of taking resveratrol supplements is higher. If the efficacy of resveratrol in the human body can be proved, how to limit the metabolism of resveratrol and improve bioavailability Degree, or the microbes that develop resveratrol will have greater practical significance.

Resveratrol glycoside was first extracted from the root of resveratrol by a Japanese scholar in 1940, but it did not attract everyone's attention in the early stage and has been used as an ordinary antitoxin. It wasn't until 1992 that it was discovered in red wine, and it was associated with the French paradox. The French paradox says that French people’s diet is high in fat, which is a high-fat diet, but the incidence of cardiovascular disease in French is significantly lower than that of other countries. This is closely related to their daily habit of drinking red wine at every meal. It is related to the resveratrol contained in red wine. Later, after resveratrol was reported to have anti-cancer effects, it attracted widespread attention and research enthusiasm.

The researchers studied the absorption and metabolism of resveratrol. The carbon element in resveratrol was labeled with isotopes. The metabolism of resveratrol was taken orally and intravenously. The results found that the absorption rate was very fast when it was taken orally. Peak absorption occurs at one hour and the sixth hour. In addition, diet may affect the absorption of resveratrol. Researchers also tested this and found that when it is equipped with other foods, the absorption rate of resveratrol will be delayed, from 0.5 hours to 2 hours.

According to existing data, researchers speculate that if you drink two glasses of red wine a day, the peak free resveratrol in the serum is 2.4, and the total resveratrol will be below 180. If the daily intake of resveratrol supplements is calculated based on body weight, 100 mg of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight will be supplemented with resveratrol, and finally, the peak value of resveratrol will be less than 9 per liter, and the total resveratrol will be 680 Below. Therefore, experts suggest that if there are people in need, it is better to take some resveratrol supplements alone.