Several plant extracts that are effective in removing acne

2023-08-12 09:36:57

Acne is medically called acne, sebaceous glands are vigorous to promote the secretion of a large number of sebum, blocking the follicle hole. Inflammation of the skin that causes corynebacterium acne to multiply and produce toxins that destroy hair follicles. Plant green and healthy, for acne is also relatively mild and not stimulating, so become a plant will become a good way to acne, the following introduction of several effective acne removal plants.

1, aloe vera can prevent the production of acne, aloe vera skin permeability is very strong, can reach the deep skin. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and polysaccharides, with natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. However, some skin may be allergic to aloe, so it is necessary to do a sensitivity test before using aloe, until it is confirmed that there is no discomfort, then use it.

2, forsythia, forsythia antibacterial spectrum is very wide, has obvious anti-inflammatory effect, can promote the formation of inflammatory barrier, reduce capillary permeability, reduce inflammatory exudation, eliminate local swelling caused by acne. It can inhibit sebaceous gland secretion, reduce excessive greasy skin and improve skin quality. Forsythia can protect normal skin and reduce acne and folliculitis.

3, wild chrysanthemum pharmacological experiments proved that wild chrysanthemum is a natural "antibiotic", can inhibit and kill dozens of bacteria. Therefore, it is widely used to treat all kinds of inflammation inside and outside the human body. Acne at the beginning of the red, with wild chrysanthemum water to wash the face, can quickly control local inflammation, to prevent the pigmentation caused by acne.

4, bitter ginseng has the effect of detoxification, relieving itching, removing dampness, clearing heat and reducing fire. It is very effective for acne at the beginning. Can inhibit sebum excessive secretion, reduce the formation of acne, keep the skin smooth and clean, is one of the main drugs to prevent acne.

5, salvia miltiorrhiza can improve blood circulation, inhibit the growth and reproduction of propionibacterium acne in hair follicles, and control the occurrence of acne; In addition, before menstruation, androgen increases in the body, stimulate sebaceous glands to secrete exuberant, prone to acne, salvia miltiorrhiza can inhibit androgen in the body, reduce sebum secretion, prevent "special period" acne. Therefore, salvia miltiorrhiza is made into salvia miltiorrhiza extract, which is widely used in the medical beauty industry and becomes an effective acne removing product.

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