Six benefits of pomegranate seed extract

2023-08-12 09:18:11

Pomegranate is a very popular fruit. The fruit of the "tree of Wisdom" mentioned in the Biblical history of Genesis probably refers to a pomegranate. With a history of more than 2,000 years, pomegranates are rich in vitamins and micronutrients. In addition, its skins and seeds are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The interior of a pomegranate fruit is divided by pulp-like tissues into pink cells, each containing a small seed particle. Pomegranate seeds are collected, dried, and processed for medicinal use.

Pomegranate seed polyphenol extract is a powerful class of antioxidants that help improve joint elasticity and skin elasticity and strengthen arteries, veins and capillaries. Its inflammatory effects against arthritis and sports injuries have also been reported. Eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy (inflammation of the retina caused by diabetes) and vision loss may also benefit.

1. Improve capillary activity and enhance capillary wall.By helping artery endodermis material attached to resist can cause cardiovascular disease mutations, pomegranate seed polyphenols can help enhance hemal wall intensity and improve circulation, improve circulation for patients with stroke, diabetes, arthritis, smokers, oral contraceptives with women and leg swelling, edema (leg tissue accumulation of abnormal volume of fluid) is particularly important.

2. Improves skin smoothness and elasticity.Collagen is the main protein found in skin and is closely related to skin texture. Pomegranate seed polyphenols help protect skin against free radicals and collagen-degrading enzymes. This protective effect may help prevent premature skin wrinkling due to loss of skin elasticity. In many European countries, women take pomegranate seed polyphenols as supplements to prevent wrinkles and help keep skin smooth and elastic.

3. Reduce diabetic retinopathy and improve vision.Diabetes is associated with arterial weakness that affects the retina. Pomegranate seed polyphenols have been used for years to treat diabetic retinopathy and improve vision.

4. Reduce varicose veins.By reducing arterial fragility, pomegranate seed polyphenols may help prevent bruising that can lead to varicose veins.

5. Helps improve brain function. Pomegranate seed polyphenols may be important for brain function, not only because of their protective effect on blood vessels but also because they are one of the few dietary antioxidants that may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier to directly protect brain cells. Strengthening capillaries and other blood vessels may help prevent strokes. Scientists speculate that its protection of brain cells may help preserve memory and reduce the effects of aging. There are indications that even dormant memory may be improved by better circulation and cellular nutrition. It is possible that pomegranate seed polyphenols could be used to combat aging in the future.

6. Fight arthritis inflammation and reduce the risk of phlebitis. Pomegranate seed polyphenols may be of interest to athletes for their ability to improve joint flexibility and repair collagen in connective tissue. In addition, it may help reduce inflammation caused by injury. Pomegranate seed polyphenols may also inhibit histamine release, stress ulcers, and arterial damage.

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