The development trend of China's health care products industry under the background of the epidemic

2023-08-11 20:26:07

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of population aging in people's lives, the silver hair industry has become a potential industry that many people pay attention to. When it comes to the silver hair industry, many people will think of the health care product industry for the first time. How will China's health products develop in the next few years?

1. The market size is still expanding

Since entering an aging society in 2000, the degree of population aging in China has continued to deepen. By around 2022, China's population over the age of 65 will reach 14% of the total population, realizing the transition to an aging society.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2019, the number of elderly people aged 60 and above in China reached 254 million, accounting for 18.1% of the total population, and the number of elderly people aged 65 and above reached 176 million, accounting for 12.6% of the total population.

It can be seen that the health product market in China has huge potential, and there are still many untapped consumer markets.

At the same time, with the continuous development of China's economic level, people's expenditure on the medical and health industry is constantly increasing. At present, compared with developed countries such as the United States and even the global average, my country's per capita medical and health expenditure is far lower than other countries. However, the per capita health care expenditure of Chinese residents remains above 10%, with a relatively fast growth rate. It can be seen that with economic development, people will be more and more willing to consume for their own health, and the health care product industry will also be favored.

In addition, due to the attack of the new coronavirus in early 2020, a large number of elderly people, children and even young people with low immunity were killed in this accident. Since immunocompromised people are more susceptible to infection and death from the new coronavirus, many people also realize the importance of improving the body's immunity. With the continuous improvement of people's health concept, emphasis on improving immunity, taking health care products as a way to improve immunity recognized by people, the health care products industry will also develop accordingly.

2. Opportunities in crisis

Recently, GNC, the largest health supplement company in the United States, declared bankruptcy. When the epidemic situation in the United States is very severe, many companies are facing bankruptcy crisis. Due to the lack of passenger flow and huge capital losses, a large number of stores have made it difficult to return the funds of physical stores, making a large number of physical stores closed one after another. As the largest health care products company in the United States, GNC plans to close 1,200 of the 5,200 chain stores in the United States while declaring bankruptcy and reorganization.

It can be seen that due to the impact of the epidemic, many physical stores of health care products have experienced business crises, and some companies have even gone bankrupt because of this.

However, in the face of such crises and challenges, there is still a huge development opportunity in the health care products industry, that is, the shift from offline sales to online sales.

With the continuous development of the e-commerce industry, a large number of middle-aged and elderly people have learned how to shop online. At the same time, affected by the epidemic, online shopping has become the main way for people to buy products in their daily lives. Therefore, we can find that online sales have brought opportunities for the health care products industry to break through the crisis. Many health care products companies have opened up online sales channels, which saves expenses such as store rent and utility bills, and still has a large amount of customer traffic during the severe epidemic. Such advantages make the online development of the health care products industry flourish.

On June 1, 2020, JD 618 opened for 15 minutes, and the turnover of nutrition and health care increased by 200% year-on-year. In only 3 minutes of the opening, the turnover of By-Health exceeded 1 million. In the first 10 minutes, the turnover of SWISSE exceeded 1 million. It can be seen that the online development of the health care products industry is vigorous, and the purchasing power of online consumers is strong. Therefore, if health care products companies are to survive this crisis in physical store operations, they must develop online sales channels. At the same time, expand online publicity efforts and place advertisements on various online social networking and shopping platforms to attract customer traffic to the company's online stores, thereby making up for the deficiencies of offline sales.

3. The category of traditional Chinese medicine health food has been developed

In the traditional health care product industry, the most popular and purchased health care products are often calcium tablets, vitamin tablets, cod liver oil, probiotics and other health care products imported from abroad. However, some traditional Chinese medicine health products based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, using Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials or adding Chinese herbal medicine extracts have not been well promoted and developed. The sales of such health care products are also often inferior to those introduced from foreign countries.

In this new coronavirus, traditional Chinese medicine has shown its unique pharmacological effects to people all over the world: according to the data at the State Council press conference, among the confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country, the total effective rate of traditional Chinese medicine has reached more than 90% , Chinese medicine can effectively relieve symptoms and promote the recovery of people in the recovery period, and Chinese medicines such as Shuanghuanglian and Lianhua Qingwen have also been recognized as effective in the treatment of new crowns. In this context, the medicinal value of traditional Chinese medicine has been practically proved, and more and more people recognize the effect and function of traditional Chinese medicine.

As a traditional Chinese medicine health food with the same origin and origin of traditional Chinese medicine, it has many advantages in preventing and treating diseases, and has a unique effect on improving the immunity of the human body. Therefore, in the context of the epidemic, the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine health food has the effect of improving immunity, thereby expanding the market of traditional Chinese medicine health food is a new trend in China's health care industry.

In addition to being affected by the timing of the epidemic, the development of traditional Chinese medicine health food itself is also improving. As the largest time-honored traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer in China, Tongrentang has a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine health foods, including Liuwei Dihuang Pills for nourishing yin and kidney, propolis soft capsules for lowering blood sugar, and ginseng tablets for health and nourishment. These traditional Chinese medicine health foods are sold in the market. are very impressive. According to Tongrentang's 2019 annual report, the proportion of Tongrentang's health care products and food sales continues to increase. It can be seen that traditional Chinese medicine health food has great development prospects.