The magic of moringa seeds

2023-08-11 20:30:07

Moringa oleifera seed belongs to moringa oleifera family, order White cauteria. It originated in India and originated in the south Himalayas in the northeast of India. It is the oldest medicinal and edible plant in India. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine for more than 4,000 years and is known as the "magic tree", which has high health and medicinal value. It is characterized by high calcium, high protein, high fiber and low lipid, known as people to improve the quality of life and diet, enhance immunity, promote health, prevent diseases of the magic plant.

Moringa seeds and leaves are rich in nutrients, with vitamin E in 100g of fresh leaves and 16.2mg in dried leaves. According to calculations, just three tablespoons (about 25 grams) of moringa leaf powder contains 270 percent of toddler's daily requirement for vitamin A, 42 percent of protein, 125 percent of calcium, 70 percent of iron, and 22 percent of vitamin C. For pregnant and nursing women, moringa leaves and pods can help maintain health for themselves and their fetus or baby, providing large amounts of iron, protein, copper, sulfur and B vitamins. However, because moringa itself contains alkaloids, hypertensive, diabetic patients and pregnant women are best after the doctor's instructions to eat.

In Taiwan, moringa bread made with fresh moringa leaves, rye flour, skimmed milk powder and low-fat high-calcium milk are already on the market, while cosmetics products such as cleansers containing moringa oil are on the market.

Because of moringa seed water retention ability very much, cause it to grow in the extreme arid region of bad environment, because it contains can hold water, the active ingredient, therefore, moringa seed in addition to a small amount to grow, a large number of USES is used for production of raw materials, in food, medicine, health care, cosmetics and other fields has a good application value, For example, it can be used for liquid purification, extraction and manufacturing of water retention, sunscreen and other high-grade cosmetic active substances.

According to foreign clinical reports, regular consumption of moringa oleifera seeds can enhance immunity, detoxification, body shaping, anti-aging, cancer and a variety of chronic, major diseases have a great improvement effect.

Moringa seeds are natural green food, containing most of the nutrients needed by the human body, can replace multivitamins, calcium tablets, cod liver oil and so on.Especially for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, gout and other good regulation effect,Moringa seeds can help improve, prevent diseases, improve sleep, enhance memory, delay aging, and can also be used to relieve diseases in specific areas such as the liver, spleen, and meridians.

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