The medicinal value of curcumin

2023-08-12 09:25:10

Curcumin, an orange-yellow powder from Curcuma longa, is about 3% of turmeric.

Turmeric is also a key ingredient in curry powder and is a common condiment in American kitchens. In India and other parts of Asia, turmeric is used to treat a number of health problems, and medical studies have shown that curcumin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as some anticancer potential.

Curcumin has strong medicinal value. A large number of experiments have proved that curcumin has a good anti-tumor effect, mainly in the way of reducing the number and volume of tumors, to effectively inhibit the growth and proliferation of tumors. Curcumin also has antioxidant effects, which can protect hemoglobin from oxidation and significantly inhibit the production of superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and nitrite groups by activating macrophages. Curcumin can also reduce the production of reactive oxygen species in human body. In addition, curcumin also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and liver protective effects, and can prevent joint enlargement, arthritis, and has a significant effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Curcumin can not only be widely used in the medical industry, but also has a very good development prospect in the food industry. Curcumin is a kind of natural food pigment with strong dispersibility, good dyeing ability, strong corrosion resistance and no side effects. It is often used as a natural food additive and has many advantages in the application process.

At present, curcumin has developed rice grain, solid dispersions, cyclodextrin inclusion complex, targeted liposomes, microspheres, microcapsules, self-microemulsions, nano micelles and other carriers and different precursor drugs, which has a good prospect for development and application.

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