The three main efficacy of Osthole

2023-08-12 09:50:57

In recent years, there are more and more researches on Cnidium and more and more pharmacological effects have been found. Osthole, one of the main active components in Cnidium, has a variety of pharmacological effects:

1.Reduce blood pressure and improve arrhythmia.In clinical trials, researchers have found that the substance helps with cramps, high blood pressure, heart rhythm imbalances, and boosts the body's own immune system. In addition, osthole also has anti-bacterial effects.

2. Antifungal, insecticidal, trichomonas and spermicidal; Expectorant and asthma; Local anesthesia; Anti-allergy,; Delay aging; It affects the metabolism of plasma prostatic cytosine and internal cyclic nucleotide. Inhibit smooth muscle contraction;Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; Have sedative hypnotic effect .

3. The application of osthole in agriculture, especially in insecticidal sterilization, fruit and vegetable preservation and anti-corrosion of agricultural and livestock products. As a large number of osthole exists in the extract of Osthole, it belongs to the natural plant extract, as insecticidal fungicide, insecticidal spectrum, antibacterial spectrum is wide, and can have good activity to Escherichia coli, is an ideal pesticide in agriculture, fungicide and food processing in the ideal preservative. Compared with the general chemical pesticides, Osthole is more favorable for environmental protection.

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