What are the benefits of pueraria for women

2023-08-12 09:25:52

Medical research makes clear, the flavonoid kind material that pueraria root place contains amounts to 12% left and right sides, if isoflavone (plant estrogen), glucoside of soybean, pueraria element waits for more than 10 kinds of effect composition, have adjust endocrine significantly, the action of estrogen inside bidirectional balance body. Especially the isoflavone in the root of wild pueraria is the highest phytoestrogen-like substance with the highest content and activity discovered so far.

Puerarin is a glycoside compound, has a good effect on cardiovascular; It can increase the blood flow of the local circulation system of the ovary, nourish the ovary and activate the natural secretion of ovarian hormones. Therefore, it can prolong life, especially for middle-aged women and menopausal elderly women to keep their beauty and delay aging. It has the reputation of "female protector".

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