What effect does rhodiola have in skin care products?

2023-08-12 09:58:35

For rhodiola I believe everyone is not strange, because rhodiola is a kind of common Chinese herbal medicine, but for our body, it can also play a lot of health care effects. In fact, rhodiola rosea extract can not only be taken, it can also be used to add to skin care products, for our skin is also very good, so exactly what effect does rhodiola have in skin care products?


Rhodiola grows in areas with alpine regions and strong ultraviolet radiation, so it absorbs water and retains moisture.


Rhodiola rosea has stimulative effect on the leather into fiber cell, promote the division of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis and secretion of collagenase secreted at the same time, make the original collagen breakdown, but the total production is greater than the amount of decomposition and composition of collagen in the extracellular collagen fiber, and illustrates the rhodiola increased levels of collagen fibers has certain anti-aging effect to the skin.


Rhodiola extract is by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, reducing its catalytic speed, so as to reduce the generation of skin melanin, improve skin pigmentation, skin whitening effect, so often used in skin care OEM processing.

Sun protection

Rhodiola extract has a protective effect on cells, especially under light conditions, because rhodiola absorbs light energy and converts it into energy that is not toxic to cells, thus protecting cells. Salidroside can significantly inhibit the increase of inflammatory cytokines induced by ultraviolet radiation, and has a significant protective effect on skin uv radiation damage.

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