What is Ginseng peptide

2023-08-11 20:27:24

In recent years, the term ginseng peptide is very popular, and the research progress has attracted attention from all walks of life. Then what is ginseng peptide? To understand what a ginseng peptide is, you first need to understand what a "peptide" is.

Peptide is a kind of organic compound, which is involved in many kinds of cell functions in organism. Scientists have found more than 100 kinds of bioactive peptides in the human body, the growth of the human body, movement, metabolism, circulation, reproduction and other physiological activities are transmitted and maintained by bioactive peptides. Similarly, the occurrence, development and recovery of all diseases are also related to peptides.

Absorption characteristics of ginseng peptide:

1. Direct absorption without digestion;

2. Fast absorption, fast into the human circulation, and then into the human tissue cells, organs;

3.100% absorption, no waste;

4. Active absorption, when the digestion and absorption function of the human body is weakened or even lost, active absorption;

5. Zero energy consumption, absorption does not need to consume human energy.

6. Carrier function, after absorption, carry various minerals and trace elements into the human body circulation, and then into the human tissues and organs, solve the problem of minerals and trace elements into cells, comprehensive and balanced solution to the nutrition problem.

The effects of ginseng peptides are as follows:

1. Improve myocardial vessels and regulate blood pressure;

2. Stabilize blood glucose;

3. Prevention and treatment of tumors;

4. Enhance immunity and resist fatigue;

5. Scavenging free radicals, anti-aging and prolonging life;

6. Nourish essence and strengthen kidney, improve sexual function;

7. Nourish qi and blood, regulate endocrine;

8. Nourishing Yin and lung, anti-haze;

9. Cure your liver

Ginseng peptide can be applied externally and its effects are as follows:

1. Nourishing skin;

2. Skin repair;

3. Moisturize;

4. Moisture absorption and water replenishment;

5. Anti-aging effect;

6. Function of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and improving skin immunity;

7. Prevent skin cells from becoming cancerous.

Ginseng peptide applicable population:

1. Middle-aged and elderly people. Solve the problem that their protein absorption capacity is weak (60 years old, protein digestion and absorption capacity is only about 30% of that of 20 years old).

2. Beauty slimming crowd. Can maintain balanced nutrition, no cholesterol and fat intake, slimming and beauty effect.

3. Vegetarians. No cholesterol and fat intake, can maintain the balance of the body, suitable for vegetarian people.

4. Stressed-out people. Supplement nutrition, especially suitable for examination pressure students, long-term overworked working family.

5. People with high blood fat, high blood sugar and hypertension have the therapeutic effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar without toxic side effects.

6. Patients: It is suitable for patients with weak stomach function, those waiting for recovery after surgery and chemotherapy patients. It can quickly supplement nutrition and be absorbed directly by the intestine.

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