Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Product Name: Hawthorn Leaf Extract powder
Part Used:leaf
Appearance: brown powder
Main contents:Hawthorn Leaf Extract flavone
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method: UV
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Hawthorn Leaf Extract?

Hawthorn Leaf Extract produced by our company is made of high quality raw materials.Hawthorn: born at the altitude of 100 ~ 1500 meters in the hillside forest edge or bushes. Distributed in northeast, North China, Jiangsu and other areas. Hawthorn leaf, Chinese medicine name. Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. Var. major N.E.Br. Or hawthorn Grataegus Pinnati Fida Bge dry leaves.

Hawthorn tree fruit can be eaten, its leaves also have high use value, hawthorn berry leaf flower extract is a very common Chinese herbal medicine. Hawthorn leaf has obvious protective effect on cardiovascular of humans , it can not only make vasodilation, also can promote the blood circulation, and can strengthen the function of the human heart, people stick with it bubble water to drink, to clean up the triglyceride and cholesterol in the blood, and can prevent blood pressure blood fat rise, also can reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Hawthorn Leaf Extract is extracted from dried leaves of the rose plant shanlihong or Hawthorn as raw materials, the main active ingredient is flavonoids, Hawthorn leaf extract is to achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure by adjusting the contractile force and heart rate of the heart, maintain blood pressure stability, and can improve the coronary heart circulation of the heart itself. Can also reduce the heart contraction Chemicalbook force, slightly slow down the heart rate so that the intermittent period and diastolic period are prolonged, to ensure that the heart has a longer recovery time, reduce the metabolic load of the heart, and moderate strong heart effect.

Hawthorn leaf extract can increase the activity of antioxidant enzyme, inhibit the oxidation modification of low density lipoprotein (LDL-C), have a certain antioxidant effect, and can scour hydroxyl free radical.

Hawthorn Leaf And Flower Extract Benefits

1.Treats High Blood Pressure 

In multitudinous studies, Hawthorn leaf extract was shown to effectively lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and some cases were suitable to stop using their blood pressure drug entirely.

Helps with Arrhythmias Numerous clinical trials suggest that hawthorn can profit individualities with arrhythmias, utmost constantly caused by coronary roadway complaint. Its primary mechanism appears to be increasing force and duration of contraction, causing slower heart rates.

2.Decreases Chest Pain

 Frequency and Severity: When combined with standard medicines, hawthorn might decrease the frequency and severity of angina episodes. Moreover, it increases workouts tolerance, enabling individuals to go longer distances without feeling chest pain.

3.A good source of Antioxidants

Hawthorn Leaf And Flower Extract contain powerful bioflavonoids and antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. These micronutrients appear to protect against oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation, which contribute to many chronic diseases common to older adults.

4.May aid in weight loss and management

Hawthorn berry leaf flower extract have been discovered to play a vital part in stimulating cells involved in metabolism and burning fat, possibly making them useful tools for losing and managing weight.

5.May aid in treating type 2 diabetes

Because it promotes insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, hawthorn fruit extract may also affect blood sugar concentrations positively.

6.Could fight cancer

Research on individual components and animal models shows that specific compounds found in hawthorn leaves may have helpful qualities like combatting particular human cancers or malignancies. However, more investigation shows whether this advantage carries over to humans too.

Can shield from radiation therapy consequences and heart failure.


1. Applied in the food field,Used as food additive raw material;

2. Applied in the health product field,Used as raw material for health care products;

3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field,Used as a medical material.

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