Here Are Four Ways To Identify Pueraria Powder

2023-08-12 15:16:26

1.With the eyes: the appearance of pure pueraria powder is not white and flawless, but slightly brown, with a crystalline luster, light yellow pueraria powder is second in quality, if the grayish white is in the production process and health conditions of the product is not good.


2.Taste it with your mouth: take a small amount of pueraria powder and put it into your mouth. Pure pueraria powder melts in your mouth. Due to its cool nature, pueraria powder will have a cool and refreshing feeling after entering your mouth, and will have some ginseng flavor, but no other peculiar smell.If the taste is acidic and fishy, it is not suitable to buy.

3.Flush with water: pure puerarin powder in a bowl with boiling water to rush to move, if the water temperature is not enough white paste, water temperature above 90 degrees can appear transparent colloid, adhesion degree is high, the slightly pale yellow, no smell, if looks too white after mixing can be added other starch or talcum powder changed colour.

4.Pick with a spoon: the pueraria powder with boiling water will flow naturally after stirring with a spoon, like noodles, which is an important feature of distinguishing pueraria powder from lotus root powder, potato powder and other starches. Non-pure pueraria powder is difficult to form a line after stirring with a spoon.