Hubei Medical College And Our County Signed A Political-school Strategic Cooperation Agreement

2023-08-12 14:28:15

On April 21, Tu Hanjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei Medical College, led a team to Fangxian to investigate the development of biomedical enterprises and the demand for talents, and had an exchange and discussion on the cooperation between government, school, school and enterprise. Ji Daoqing, secretary of the county party committee, attended the symposium.


Tu Hanjun and his party went to Hubei Wudang Animal Pharmaceutical, Shiyan Yuntian Bio, Hubei Sanxin Bio, Sunflower Pharmaceutical, Lingzhou Pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical companies to conduct field visits and research. Every time he went to an enterprise, Tu Hanjun walked into the production workshop and talked face-to-face with the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the production and operation of the enterprise, the cultivation of professional and technical personnel, and the demand for medical personnel. Tu Hanjun pointed out that Fangxian County is endowed with superior natural resources and has a variety of precious Chinese medicinal materials, which has a good foundation for the development of the Chinese medicine industry. It is necessary to make full use of the advantages of mountain resources, do a good job of "mountain" articles, focus on cultivating leading enterprises in the cultivation of authentic medicinal materials, and drive the vast number of farmers to develop the Chinese medicinal materials industry; pharmaceutical enterprises should focus on the main business and realize the standardization, scale and branding of medicinal materials planting. Develop and expand Fangxian-specific medicinal material brands.

At the symposium, Tu Hanjun said that Hubei University of Medicine and the People's Government of Fangxian County signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. This is the responsibility of colleges and universities, and it is of great significance to school personnel training, subject research, serving the local area, and serving the society. The college will continue to lead teachers and students out of the school gate, into the workshop, and into the fields, giving full play to the advantages of complete disciplines, intensive talents, and strong scientific research capabilities, and giving Fangxian medical talents in the introduction of medical talents, the training of medical personnel, and the development of the biomedical industry. more support.

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Ji Daoqing said that Hubei Medical College has long given great support and assistance to the development of Fangxian's medical and health undertakings and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. This time, our county and Hubei Medical College signed a political-school cooperation agreement, which marks that the strategic cooperation between Fangxian and Hubei Medical College has entered a new stage. Fangxian will plan specific projects according to the content of this agreement, do a good job in project implementation, do a good job in the connection between government and school, school and enterprise, and take advantage of Hubei Medical College's teaching team, medical technology, health care resources and other advantages to cultivate medical talents. , to carry out deeper, wider and more practical cooperation in promoting industry-university-research application and achievement transformation, and promoting the development of medical and health care. At the same time, it is also hoped that in the future cooperation process, the school will give more high-quality resources to Fangxian, and Fangxian will continue to do a good job in policy support, industrial services, and talent introduction-related service guarantees to achieve win-win development.

After the symposium, Deputy County Mayor Deng Ziwei, on behalf of the county government, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hubei Medical College.

Dong Quanwen, Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Bin, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, attended the event.