Promote Industrial Development And Set The Benchmark Of The Industry

2023-08-14 09:47:35

Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as a well-known Chinese herbal medicine (Polygonum cuspidatum) extraction enterprise, has been attracting the attention of all walks of life and government departments at all levels. In the afternoon of July 3rd, Li Jun, deputy director of Shiyan Chinese Medicines Industry Office, responsible for the supply and marketing of the city, and his delegation visited the company.

Vice Director Li Jun (middle) led by Deputy General Manager Liu Zhongwei (first from left) and Deputy General Manager Zhou Qiyin (first from right) visited the extraction workshop of Polygonum keptatum. The company uses two-way countercurrent ultrasonic extraction technology in production more efficient, more stable quality!

Vice Director Li Jun (middle) visited the workshop on organic biological fertilizer.

Deputy General Manager Liu Zhongwei (first from left) introduces the terminal product of Polygonum cuspidatum extract (resveratrol, Emodin) in the exhibition hall. Health products (resveratrol capsules, resveratrol tablets) and Shennongjia yellow sprout cabbage.

Vice Director Li Jun (first from right) and Chairman of Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yu Guojun (first from left) have an in-depth exchange on the vigorous expansion of Polygonum cuspidatum with national geographical indication protection products in the city.

Deputy General Manager Zhou Qiyin (fourth from the left) introduces the standardized cultivation base of the company to Deputy Director Li and his delegation.

In recent years, with the expansion of the company's production capacity, the planting range of Polygonum cuspidatum is also increasing. After Polygonum cuspidatum was identified as the national geographical indication protection product, It is also increasingly known to the outside world. We are sure that with the joint efforts of Sanxin staff, we will surely become the benchmark of the industry!