Research Group Visited Sanxin For Investigation

2023-08-14 09:48:08

As the "Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Shiyan City", "Agricultural Industry Chain Leading Enterprise", "National Green Agricultural Industry Demonstration Base", "Hubei Province Chinese Medicinal Material Modernization Technology Demonstration Enterprise", Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has always been well-received The attention and support of government departments at all levels.

At 3 pm on August 2, Ma Yiping, Section Chief, Fruit Tea Office, Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture, Chen Mo, Party Secretary, Institute of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Lin Xianming, Deputy Director, Institute of Chinese Medicinal Materials, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shiyan Agriculture Wei Jianjun, Chief of Planting Section of the Bureau and Director of the Office of Chinese Medicinal Materials, etc., accompanied by the leaders of the County Agriculture Bureau, visited our company for investigation.

Members of the research team and the company's executive vice president Liu Zhongwei taking a group photo in front of the company

Research team getting to know the company's terminal products in the exhibition hall

watching the company's promotional video in the meeting room

After the visit, the research team had a discussion with Liu Zhongwei, the executive vice president of our company, with the topic of the company's Chinese medicinal material-Polygonum cuspidatum's development plan and the establishment of a Chinese medicinal material planting technology demonstration site.

After learning about the planting of Polygonum cuspidatum, more than 8236 acres have been planted in more than 50 villages in 15 towns and villages in Fang County under the model of "company + base + cooperative + farmers", which has promoted the employment of more than 1,000 farmers and played a good exemplary role in targeted poverty alleviation. Later, the research team highly praised this. At the same time, the research team on the problems encountered in the development of the company also registered one by one, saying that it will focus on helping to solve the problems in the later stage and promote the healthy development of the company!