Blueberry Extract Powder

Product Name: Blueberry Extract powder
Part Used:fruit
Appearance:purple fine powder
Main contents: procyanidins
Specification: 10%-25%
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method: UV
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Blueberry Extract Powder

Blueberry Extract Powder is a deep purplish red or purple fine powder extracted from the blueberry fruit. Blueberry (Blueberry), blueberry, belongs to the Rhododendron family Bilberry subfamily Bilberry, perennial deciduous or evergreen shrub or small shrub, widely distributed in the northern hemisphere. In addition to conventional sugars, microorganisms, protein, cellulose and rich minerals, blueberry fruit also contains anthocyanins, chlorogenic acid, flavonoids, linoleic acid, stilbene (pterostilbene) and other biological substances. Active ingredient. Blueberry fruit contains unique functional substances such as preventing brain nerve aging, enhancing heart function, improving eyesight and anti-cancer.

Active ingredient

The main active components of blueberries are anthocyanins, flavonoids, phenolic acids and other biologically active substances, as well as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fructose, minerals and other nutrients, which can play multiple health care functions in the human body. effect.

Pharmacological action

1. Activates retinal enzymes and improves vision

The anthocyanins in blueberries can activate retinal enzymes, protect the capillaries of the eyes, accelerate the regeneration of rhodopsin and benefit vision and eye health, and have a good preventive effect on myopia, cataract, glaucoma and other diseases.

2. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

The American "Science" magazine has reported the anticancer effect of anthocyanins. Studies have shown that the super antioxidant effect of anthocyanins can greatly reduce the incidence of various cancers. It is used in the adjuvant therapy of gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and It has clinical value in prevention. In addition to anthocyanins, pterostilbene is an ingredient that helps stop the damage that pre-cancer can do to the body.

3. Protect blood vessels, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar

Compounds in blueberries that fight fungal infections can lower cholesterol levels in the body and also regulate blood sugar. In "Research on the Hypoglycemic Activity of Wild Blueberry Extract Powder and Its Chemical Components", blueberry extract exerts a hypoglycemic effect by increasing the expression levels of GLUT-2 and PPARγ and inhibiting the NF-κB inflammatory pathway. Caffeoylquinic acid derivatives and quercetin glycosides in blueberry extract may exert their hypoglycemic effects in a synergistic manner.

4. Improve metabolism

In a research paper titled "Blueberry Extract Improves Obesity through Regulation of the Gut Microbiota and Bile Acids via Pathways Involving FXR and TGR5" published by Cell's journal iScience (IF currently unavailable), the study investigated the effect of blueberry extract on improving metabolism. The precise mechanism reveals the mechanism by which plant polyphenols interfere with intestinal flora and host metabolism, and proves that phenolic blueberry extract (BE) increases brown adipose tissue energy consumption and enhances liver lipid metabolism based on bile acid receptors TGR5 and FXR, and ultimately improves Diet and gene-induced metabolic syndrome.

5. Immunosuppressive properties

FASEB Journal stated that blueberry extract will show great potential in the field of chronic inflammatory diseases. Blueberries contain a polyphenolic compound called pterostilbene, which has been shown in clinical studies as a potential therapeutic strategy for chronic inflammatory diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Blueberry Extract Powder Application

1. The field of medicine.

2. The field of health care products.

3. Cosmetics field.

Our advantage

1. The company has more than ten years of production experience in the plant extract industry, and strives for excellence in production technology and quality control.

2. The company has its own independent research and development team, and has close cooperative relations with many local universities and research institutions.

3. The company has complete experimental facilities and advanced testing instruments. At the same time, we have a complete set of production equipment for extraction, separation, synthesis and fermentation of natural plant extracts and a strict quality control system, which ensures product quality from all aspects. stability.

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Package instruction

1.Packing method: bulk 25kg/cardboard drum, small samples are packaged in aluminum foil bags, and the inner packaging of the drum can also be changed to small packages according to requirements, which is convenient for use. Labels can be attached according to customer requirements. If not required, generally paste them according to the company's internal label uniform template .

2.Shipping method:We can express door to door, air, sea, you can also choose your own freight forwarder.

3.Quality terms: We have our own test report for each batch of goods, and the product quality is strictly implemented according to the test standards. Production experience to check, all of our company's products have not had such a situation.

4.Storage conditions: This product should be sealed and shaded and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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Blueberry Extract Powder has multiple health benefits in the human body. In protecting vision, delaying neural aging, improving cognition, protecting cardiovascular, protecting liver, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, anticancer, anticancer, etc. It is a popular product in the TOP50 of the plant extraction industry, and the market demand is huge.

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