Apple Fruit Powder

Product Name: Apple Fruit Powder
Part Used:fruit
Appearance: powder
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method: HPLC/UV
Certificate: ISO
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available
Applications:Dietary Supplements, Raw materials for food

What is Apple Fruit Powder

At Sanxinbio, we take pride in offering the finest Apple Fruit Powder in the market. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our product, from its derivation and extraction method to its molecular structure. This powder, derived from the highest-quality sources, is a testament to our expertise as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plant extract industry.

Product Specifications




Fine powder


Light yellow


Natural apple fragrance


≤ 5.0%

Particle Size

100% pass 80 mesh



Loss on Drying

≤ 5.0%

Heavy Metals

≤ 10 ppm

Total Plate Count

≤ 10,000 cfu/g

Yeast & Mold

≤ 100 cfu/g

E. Coli




Shelf Life

24 months when stored in a cool, dry place

Product Uses

Organic Apple Peel Powder is a versatile ingredient with a wide range of applications. It can be incorporated into various products, including dietary supplements, cosmetics, and food items. Its natural apple fragrance adds a unique flavor and aroma to your creations. In dietary supplements, it is cherished for its potential health benefits, such as supporting digestion and promoting overall well-being. Cosmetic formulations can benefit from its antioxidant properties, helping to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. When used in food products, it enhances flavor and nutritional value.

Benefits for Apple Powder

Apple Fruit Powder offers numerous benefits that make it a valuable addition to your product line. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it supports health and wellness in various ways. The key advantages of our powder include:

1.Antioxidant Power: Packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, it helps combat free radicals, protecting cells from oxidative damage.

2.Digestive Health: It contains dietary fiber, which aids digestion and supports a healthy gut, promoting overall digestive wellness.

3.Weight Management: The fiber content helps create a feeling of fullness, potentially assisting in weight management and appetite control.

4.Skin Rejuvenation: Its antioxidant properties contribute to skin health, reducing signs of aging and promoting a youthful complexion.

5.Nutritional Boost: Apple Powder enriches products with essential nutrients, enhancing their nutritional profile.

6.Natural Flavor: The natural apple fragrance and taste add a delightful flavor dimension to products.

Packaging and Logistics

We take great care in ensuring the safe delivery of our products. It is packaged in double polyethylene bags inside high-quality standard carton drums. Our professional freight forwarders ensure secure and timely delivery to your destination.

packing and shipping.jpg


At Sanxinbio, quality assurance is paramount. Our products come with professional certifications and technical invention patents, including Kosher certification, FDA certificate, ISO9001, PAHS Free, Halal, Non-GMO, and SC.


Our Factory

Our advanced factory, located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Fang County, Shiyan City, boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technology. With a 48-meter-long counter-current system, processing capacity of 500-700 kg per hour, extraction equipment, concentration equipment, vacuum drying equipment, spray drying equipment, reactors, and chromatography columns, we ensure efficient and high-quality production.

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For premium Apple Fruit Powder that meets the highest industry standards, choose Sanxinbio. Enhance your products with the natural goodness of apples. Contact us at to place your order or inquire about customization options. Elevate your products with Sanxinbio today!

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