Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract

Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract

Product Name:Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract
Part Used:seed
Appearance:brown yellow powder
Main contents:chlorogenic acid
Specification: 10:1,5%,10%
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract?

The Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract Powder produced by our company is extracted and processed with high-quality raw materials.Cassia seed extract is the dried mature seeds of the legume Cassia obtusifolia L. or Cassia tora L., which has the effects of clearing heat, improving eyesight, and moistening the intestines.Its active ingrdients: emodin, chrysophanol, physcion, obtusin, obtusifolin and its glycosides.Main Function:

1. For treating conjunctival congestion swelling and pain, dizziness and headache caused by the flaming-uo of the liver-fire.It is used in combination with the drugs for clearing liv brown powder er-fire and heat, such as gentian root,prunella spike.
2. For treating blurring vision due to Yin deficiency.It is used together with wolfberry fruit and dodder seed to nourish liver and improve vision;
3. For treating heat accumulation in large intestine, consitipation due to intestinal dryness, it is used in combination with the drugs for relieving dryness and loosening the bowels, such as reichosanthes fruit, bush-cherry seed, ect.

Cassia Obtusifolia Benefits

1. It can be applied in the field of nutritional supplements.

2. It can be used in the field of health food.

3. It can be applied in food and beverage field

4. It can be used in the field of medical products.

5. It can be applied to skin care products.

Product Advantage

● Eye Health: Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract is known for its potential to improve vision and support eye health.

● Antioxidant Properties: Rich in antioxidants, it helps combat free radicals, promoting overall well-being.

● Digestive Support: Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract may aid digestion, alleviating issues like bloating and indigestion.

● Natural Laxative: Traditionally used as a natural laxative, it can help with occasional constipation.

● Cognitive Function: Some studies suggest it may enhance cognitive function and memory, contributing to mental alertness.

● Traditional Remedy: With a history of use in traditional medicine, it provides a natural and time-tested solution for various health concerns.

Flow Chart

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Packing And Shipping

● We have professional freight forwarders with fast lead times;

● We respond to customer orders promptly;

● We use double polyethylene bags inside, and high-quality standard carton drum outside to provide you with coq10 powder bulk.

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We have professional product certifications and technical invention patents, including Kosher certification, FDA certificate, ISO9001, PAHS Free, HAlAL, NON-GMO, SC.


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