Cortex Phellodendri Extract

Part Used:Bark
Appearance:brown yellow powder
Specification: 20:1
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Cortex Phellodendri Extract?

Cortex Phellodendri Extract Powder is produced by our company is made of high quality raw materials.Phellodendron chinense Schneid was extracted from Phellodendron chinense Schneid. Or Phellodendron amurense Rupr dry bark, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-arrhythmia, anti-hepatitis, lowering blood pressure and other effects.

Cortex Phellodendri Extract Function:

1.Cortex Phellodendri Extract is an excellent blood tonic and a major immune system tonic.
2. Its blood building quality makes it especially good for people who are weakened due to illness.

3. Cortex Phellodendri Extract Powder is extremely effective at relieving chronic fatigue. It is mild yet has powerful strengthening effects, especially on the digestive, respiratory and immune systems.
4. It is rich in immune stimulating polysaccharides which are beneficial to everyone. They have also been shown to be useful in supporting the immune systems of people with cancer who are using the herbs in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies.

5. Cortex phellodendri extract has been demonstrated to have radiation protection activity and can be effective in protecting cancer patients receiving radiation therapy from the side effects without diminishing its benefits.

Product Advantages

  1. Natural Origin: Sourced from the Phellodendron tree, it's a natural herbal extract.

  2. Traditional Medicine: Long-used in traditional Chinese medicine for its potential health benefits.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in reducing inflammation.

  4. Antioxidant Power: Rich in antioxidants, helping combat oxidative stress and cell damage.

  5. Immune Support: May boost immune system function for overall wellness.

  6. Potential Weight Management: Some studies suggest it may support weight management efforts.

  7. Skin Health: It could promote skin health and a radiant complexion.

  8. Digestive Aid: May aid digestion and gastrointestinal comfort.

  9. Holistic Wellness: Contributes to holistic health and well-being.

  10. Versatile: Suitable for various applications in supplements, skincare, and more.


1.Applied in cosmetics,it can delay aging and prevent UV radiation
2.Applied in food field used as food additive with the function of lengthening life.

3.Applied in nutraceutical field, it is frequently used as nutraceutical supplement and owns good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

Flow Chart

Flow Chart.png

Packing And Shipping

● We have professional freight forwarders with fast lead times;

● We respond to customer orders promptly;

● We use double polyethylene bags inside, and high-quality standard carton drum outside to provide you with coq10 powder bulk.

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We have professional product certifications and technical invention patents, including Kosher certification, FDA certificate, ISO9001, PAHS Free, HAlAL, NON-GMO, SC.


Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has strictly quality control, We will be your most reliable & long term partner in China!

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