Dried Morel Mushrooms

Product Name:Dried Morel Mushrooms
Package:Bag or customer request
Storage:Keep Cool and dry place
Supply time:All the year
Processing Type:Raw
Material:Fresh Material

What is Dried Morel Mushrooms?

Our Dried Morel Mushrooms, characterized by their distinct black hue, are a gourmet delicacy and a prized addition to the world of culinary delights. These whole mushrooms, available in a dried form, offer a unique and exquisite taste that elevates dishes to a new level of culinary excellence.

Product Name: Dried Morel Mushrooms

The product name accurately represents these mushrooms, emphasizing their identity and the culinary excellence they bring to the table.

Type: Mushrooms

Dried morel mushroom belong to the mushroom family, celebrated for their distinct appearance and flavor. They are a highly sought-after choice for chefs and food enthusiasts.

Style: Dried

Drying these mushrooms preserves their flavor and allows for convenient storage, making them an ideal ingredient for gourmet dishes.

Part: Whole

Dried Morel Mushrooms are presented in their entirety, allowing you to experience the full depth of their flavor and aroma in your culinary creations.

Growth environment

Freeze dried morel mushrooms are generally easy to germinate fruit bodies under low temperature and high humidity conditions, so the growth season of wild Morchella fruit bodies is generally from March to May or August to September every year. Studies have shown that the occurrence conditions of Morchella in the wild mainly depend on the precipitation in November of the previous year, and the occurrence of Morchella in that year sooner or later depends on whether the 5 cm surface soil temperature in the spring of that year is stable and passes 11.5 °C. 

Therefore, the occurrence period of Morchella is affected by the annual climatic conditions, and is closely related to the temperature, rainfall and rainfall time in the occurrence area. Generally speaking, morels occur in environments with moist soil or high rainfall and easy moisture retention or high water table. Light has a certain promoting effect on the formation of fruiting bodies, and the growth and development of fruiting bodies has phototaxis. Adequate oxygen and a well-ventilated place are necessary conditions to ensure the normal growth and development of Morchella.

The efficacy and role of dried morel mushroom

1. The Morchella extract contains tyrosinase inhibitory ingredients, which has a significant inhibitory effect on the formation of lipofuscin.

2. Dried mushrooms morel contains polysaccharides, which have the health care effects of inhibiting tumors, antibacterial, antiviral, and enhancing immunity.

3. It has a certain conditioning effect on nourishing the stomach, helping digestion, stagnation of qi in food, resolving phlegm and regulating qi, and abdominal distention.

4. Dried morel mushroom is rich in selenium. Selenium is an essential trace element identified by the United Nations Health Organization, and it is the only anti-cancer and anti-cancer element recognized by the organization.


We have participated in SUPPLYSIDE WEST. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, India, Canada, Japan, and so on.


Our Factory

Our factory, located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Fang County, Shiyan City, boasts an advanced production line that features a 48-meter-long counter-current system with a processing capacity of 500-700 kg per hour. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two sets of 6 cubic meter tank extraction equipment, two sets of concentration equipment, three sets of vacuum drying equipment, one set of spray drying equipment, eight reactors, and eight chromatography columns, among others. With these cutting-edge tools, we are able to produce high-quality products efficiently and effectively.

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