Poria Cocos Extract

Part Used:root
Appearance: brown yellow powder
Main contents: Pachyman
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method: UV/HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Poria Cocos Extract?

Poria Cocos, also known as Fu Ling in traditional Chinese drug, is a type of fungus that grows on the roots of pine trees, particularly in regions of China and other corridor of Asia. 

For centuries, Poria Cocos Extract has been valued in traditional Chinese drug for its implicit health benefits. moment, it's extensively honored for its protean operations in colorful diligence, including healthcare and cosmetics. This composition will claw into the parcels and operations of Poria Cocos Extract, pressing its part in promoting well- being and its use in different products.

Chemical Composition

Poria Cocos Sclerotium Extract is deduced from the dried rhizome of Poria cocos, and it boasts a rich chemical composition. Some of its primary factors include

Polysaccharides Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates known for their vulnerable- boosting parcels. In it, polysaccharides play a pivotal part in enhancing impunity and promoting overall health.

Triterpenoids Triterpenoids are bioactive composites set up in colorful shops and fungi, including Poria Cocos. These composites have garnered significant attention from experimenters due to their implicit pharmacological conditioning. Poria Cocos- deduced triterpenoids have demonstrated immunomodulatory,anti-tumor, andanti-inflammatory parcels.

Adipose acids are essential factors of cellular membranes and play a part in colorful physiological processes. While the exact part of adipose acids in it is still under disquisition, their presence suggests implicit benefits for overall health.

Sterols Sterols are factory- grounded composites that can have a positive impact on mortal health. They may contribute to the cholesterol- lowering goods of Poria Cocos Extract.

Enzymes Enzymes are natural motes that beget specific chemical responses in the body. The presence of enzymes in it may have a part in its physiological conditioning.

Poria Cocos Extract Health Benefits

It has gained recognition in both traditional and ultramodern drug for its different health benefits. Some of the crucial advantages associated with its consumption and operation include

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

    Research has shown that possessesanti-cancer parcels, flaunting the capability to inhibit the growth of transplantable cancers. These findings suggest its implicit as a natural approach to cancer forestallment and treatment.

2. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Viral 

Poria Cocos Extract can be particularly precious in easing the side goods of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as in managing habitual hepatitis.

3. Immune Enhancement 

Polysaccharides set up in Poria Cocos Sclerotium Extract can enhance the cytotoxicity of T lymphocytes, strengthening the body's cellular vulnerable response. This vulnerable- boosting action can contribute to overall health and vitality.


Given its remarkable health- promoting parcels, it has set up operations in colorful diligence. Then are some of its notable uses:

  1. Health Products  serves as a precious raw material for the product of health products. It's generally used to produce supplements, similar as Poria Cocos polysaccharide capsules, tablets, and electuaries. These products offer consumers a accessible way to incorporate the benefits of Poria Cocos into their diurnal routines.

2. medicinals In the pharmaceutical assiduity, oral pachymaran, a substance deduced from Poria Cocos, is employed as a common drug for the treatment of excrescences. Itsanti-cancer parcels make it a promising element in cancer remedy.

3. Cosmetics 

it has also set up a place in the ornamental assiduity. Due to its implicit to delay skin aging, it's added as a raw material to colorful skincare products. Cosmetics amended with it offer consumers the prospect of maintaining immature and healthy- looking skin.

In conclusion, Poria Cocos Extract Powder is a natural remedy with different health benefits, supported by its rich chemical composition. Its operations in health products, medicinals, and cosmetics punctuate its versatility and growing fashionability in colorful diligence. As exploration into its parcels continues, we can anticipate to uncover indeed further of the inconceivable eventuality that  holds for enhancing our well- being and promoting a healthier life. Whether consumed as a supplement, used as a pharmaceutical component, or applied in skincare, it continues to play a significant part in perfecting overall health and quality of life.


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