Cinnamon Extract Has Been Found To Alleviate Diabetes

2023-08-14 09:43:10

Nutrition Research, an international journal of Nutrition science, has published the latest Research results of a collaboration between Chen Yan's team and xuhui Central Hospital, Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Department of Endocrinology.Revealed the soothing effects of cinnamon extract on type 2 diabetes.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon has long been used in the treatment of "thirst suppression", but there have been few reports on the efficacy of cinnamon in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes through evidence-based medicine. Researchers from the Institute of Nutrition and Xuhui Central Hospital conducted a randomized, double-blind clinical trial to answer this question. Fasting blood glucose and a1c levels were found to be significantly lower in patients taking either low or high doses of cinnamon extract for three months than in the control group. In addition, low doses of cinnamon extract significantly reduced serum triglyceride levels in patients.

This experiment revealed that cinnamon extract can be used as an effective adjunct therapy for the clinical intervention of type 2 diabetes, and provided a successful example for promoting the modernization of Traditional Chinese medicine.