Fengxian Polygonum Cuspidatum Was Registered And Protected By The National Geographical Indications Of Agricultural Products

2023-08-14 09:49:28

On March 17, the Ministry of Agriculture of The People's Republic of China announced the information of the first batch of products protected by the registration of geographical indications of agricultural products in 2016. There are 38 kinds of agricultural products protected by the registration of geographical indications of agricultural products, and "Fangcounty polygonum cuspidatum" is among them.

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Fang county is the land of Shennong and hundreds of grass, "Fangxian Polygonum cuspidatum" is rich in wild resources, a long planting history, rich cultural heritage, high medicinal value, broad development prospects, with regional characteristics. Today, the planting area of Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Fangxian has exceeded 50,000 mu, and the output and sales are growing by leaps and bounds.

In recent years, with the support of the government, has strengthened the industrialization management of P. cuspidum, with the rapid expansion of planting scale, the increasing richness of business entities, the gradual improvement of standardized production level, and the continuous improvement of industrial service system, with a strong development momentum.

In order to strengthen the protection of the characteristic agricultural product "Fangxian Polygonum cuspidatum", base on the industrial advantages of Fang county, implement the brand drive, expand and strengthen the industry of polygonum cuspidatum, and promote the rapid development of characteristic industry and agricultural regional economy, in 2015, the party committee and government of Fang county decided to carry out the protection and registration of the geographical indication of agricultural product "Fangxian Polygonum cuspidatum". By fangxian county knotweed industry association "fangxian county knotweed" country to declare materials for the application for registration of the geographical indications of agricultural products, confirmed by the counties and cities two levels of the department of agriculture audit and geographical indications of agricultural products qualified working mechanism at the provincial level and approved by the ministry of agriculture agricultural product quality safety center examination and registration of geographical indications of agricultural products experts review committee review, In line with the registration and protection conditions stipulated in the Measures for the Administration of Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to permit registration and implement protection according to law. The scope of protection is: Under the jurisdiction of Fangxian Chengguan Town, Hongta Town, Jungian Town, Hualong Town, Yaohuai Town, Yaoping Township, Mengusi Town, Zhongba Township, Shangxiang Township, Jiudao Township, Wildman Valley Town, Qingfeng Town, Yinjifu Town, Shahe Township, Wanyu River Township, Wutai Township, Tucheng Town, Baihe Town, Damu Town and other 19 towns, The geographical coordinates are 110°02 '~ 111°15' E, 31°34 '~ 32°31' N.

It is reported that the geographical indication of agricultural products, is the index of agricultural products from a specific region, product quality and related characteristics mainly depends on the natural ecological environment and historical and cultural factors, and named by the geographical name of special agricultural products. Fangxian Polygonum cuspidatum obtained the protection of national geographical indication products, which will enhance the product visibility, improve the market competitiveness, and promote the rapid development of the county's Chinese herbal medicine industry.

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