Plant Extracts Are Not Just Health Supplements

2023-08-14 09:42:22

The plant extract industry takes on agricultural planting industry and big health industry, playing an important role in the big health industry chain.

Upstream, China has a vast territory, spanning more than 60 degrees of longitude and more than 40 degrees of dimension, with diverse geology and landform, rich plant resources, which can be used for plant extraction of more than 300 species, with unique advantages. Downstream, China has a long history of application of Chinese herbal medicine, has the plant extract application range from the traditional medicines, food, expand to medicine, health functional foods, food additives, cosmetics, feed additives, plant source of veterinary drugs, botanical pesticides, and other fields, among them,Food and beverage accounted for the largest proportion in the consumption structure of plant extract industry, more than 60%.

When it comes to plant extracts, many people may associate them with health care products. In fact, the use of plant extracts is far more extensive than imagined.

For example, stevia extract, the main component of stevia glycoside, has the characteristics of high sweetness and low calorific value. Its taste is similar to sucrose, and it is the third natural sweetener after sucrose and beet sugar. Reb M, extracted from stevia, not only has a sugar-like taste, but also has zero calories, making it a new favorite in the market. According to data, the global launch of new stevia-containing products increased by 27% in the first half of 2018, with increasing demand from food and beverage companies. China is a big country in the production and sales of stevia extract.Another example is eucalyptus oil, one of the major export commodities of plant extracts, which plays an important role in the industry. Eucalyptus oil can be used in the food industry, daily chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry, with anti-corrosion, sterilization, and anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, can be used in the production of medical supplies; It can also be used for cough syrup, gum sugar, gargling, toothpaste, air cleaning agent, such as deodorant and so on.

As an emerging market, plant extracts have not been developing for a long time at home and abroad and have great potential. They not only have increasing demands in nutritional supplements and health food but also have great market potential in food and industry.