The Production Test Of Fang County Polygonum Cuspidatum Shows A Good Harvest

2023-08-14 09:48:44

On the 20th, Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. grandly opened the Polygonum cuspidatum excavation at the production site of the Polygonum cuspidatum planting base of the Tucheng Town. The output of Polygonum cuspidatum per mu in the Tucheng area reached more than 20,000 kgs, which achieved the purpose of increasing production and income and driving the local area. Some poor households got rid of poverty and became rich.

On-site conference for excavation and output testing of polygonum cuspidatum

At the end of autumn and coming winter, a harvesting and planting season of Polygonum cuspidatum. The County Biomedical Industry Bureau organized more than 30 persons in charge of professional cooperatives and large growers in the county to participate in the on-site production test meeting. The production testing team randomly selected three sites of 1 square meter to excavate and test the yields and harvested 38.4, 42.8, and 36.8kilograms of fresh Polygonum cuspidatum roots respectively. The average output per square meter was 39.4 kilograms. Based on one mu of 667 square meters, the yield per mu reached 26,280kilograms. At the current market price of 1.6-2.0 yuan/kg, the output value per mu is 10,512-13140 yuan, and the net output value per mu is 6512-9140 yuan, excluding the cost of about 4,000 yuan per mu.

The excavator digs out the maturity of polygonum cuspidatum at knotweed at the planting base!