Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder

Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder

Part Used:fruit
Appearance:brown yellow to white fine powder
Main contents:hesperidin
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf Time:2 years
Sample: Available

What is Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder

Citrus aurantium extract powder is acquired from the product of the Citrus Aurantium plant. The natural product, known for its particular harsh taste, is a rich wellspring of bioactive mixtures, including hesperidin. The decision of involving the natural product as the part to be extricated considers the conservation of these gainful mixtures.

Appearance: Earthy colored Yellow to White Fine Powder

Citrus aurantium fruit extract shows a wide range of varieties, going from earthy colored yellow to white, and it appears as a fine powder. This trademark variety in variety mirrors the normal variety in the organic product's colors and phytochemicals, adding to the powder's flexibility and versatility for various applications.

Specifications: 10:1, 20:1, 98%

Citrus aurantium amara flower extract is accessible in different details to take special care of various inclinations and applications. The most well-known particulars are 10:1 and 20:1, which show the centralization of the concentrate contrasted with the first natural product. Furthermore, a high-virtue detail of 98% is accessible, implying the level of the particular compound, hesperidin, in the concentrate.

Principal Items: Hesperidin

Hesperidin is the essential dynamic compound tracked down in Citrus Aurantium Concentrate Powder. This flavonoid is perceived for its potential medical advantages and is known to be bountiful in citrus natural products. Here are a few critical parts of hesperidin:


Citrus Aurantium, otherwise called Severe Orange, has a rich history of conventional use in different locales, including Customary Chinese Medication (TCM). The concentrate got from this natural product, known as Citrus Aurantium Concentrate, offers a scope of possible advantages. In this article, we investigate its authentic and contemporary purposes in tending to acid reflux, looseness of the bowels, diarrhea, stoppage, as well as its job in overseeing uneasiness and epilepsy.

1. Gastrointestinal Wellbeing:

a. Heartburn: Citrus aurantium amara flower extract has a longstanding history of purpose in Conventional Chinese Medication to address heartburn. Its regular mixtures are accepted to help absorption by supporting the stomach related processes, in this way letting side effects free from acid reflux.

b. Loose bowels and Diarrhea: Unpleasant Orange and its concentrates have been utilized to battle conditions like looseness of the bowels and diarrhea. The organic product's astringent properties are remembered to assist with decreasing extreme defecations and reduce gastrointestinal misery.

c. Obstruction: Rather than its utilization for looseness of the bowels, Unpleasant Orange has additionally been generally used to treat stoppage. The natural product's gentle diuretic impacts are accepted to work with ordinary defecations.

2. Uneasiness The board:

In certain districts, Citrus Aurantium Concentrate has been used as a characteristic solution for reduce side effects of nervousness. The organic product contains intensifies that might meaningfully affect the sensory system, possibly diminishing sensations of tension and stress.

3. Epilepsy Backing:

Citrus aurantium extract powder has likewise tracked down its place in conventional solutions for epilepsy. While the specific components are not completely perceived, it is felt that specific mixtures in the organic product might stabilizingly affect brain action, which can be gainful for people with epilepsy.

It's essential to take note of that while Citrus Aurantium Concentrate has been utilized customarily for these reasons, further logical exploration is expected to validate its viability in tending to these wellbeing concerns. Moreover, the utilization of such concentrates for clinical purposes ought to be completed under the direction of a medical care proficient, especially on account of epilepsy, which frequently requires specific therapy and management.

Likewise with any regular cure, individual reactions might fluctuate, and talking with a medical services supplier is fitting prior to utilizing Citrus Aurantium Concentrate to address explicit medical problems. This guarantees that its utilization lines up with your wellbeing objectives and is ok for your special conditions.

Application Field

1. The field of medicine. Hesperidin can be used to synthesize an anticancer drug diosmin (DOSM).

2. Food field. Citrus aurantium fruit extract can be used in combination with citric acid, ascorbic acid or phosphoric acid as a food cumulative to help the oxidation and deterioration of food lipids and play a part in preservation. After hydrogenation, hesperidin is a natural sweetener, dihydrochalcone, which is 1,000 times sweeter than sucrose; in addition, hesperidin has a variety of health- care functions and is a good raw material for healthcare food.

3. Cosmetics field. Hesperidin can effectively help erythema and skin cancer caused by lipid peroxidation of skin cells caused by ultraviolet shafts and can be used as an active component in sunscreen cosmetics and skin care products for the development of affiliated products.

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In recent years, Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder has been widely used at home and abroad, such as Nsypyruvata tablets and Puzhi capsules for weight loss and health care.

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