Fish Collagen Peptide Powder

Product Name:Fish Collagen Peptide Powder
appearance:White flowing powder
Part:Fish scales, deep sea fish skin
Test Method:HPLC
Grade:Food Grade
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life:2 years
Packing:Drum,Plastic Container

What is Fish collagen peptide powder?

Fish Collagen Peptide Powder is a pure protein supplement sourced from fish scales and skin that has been hydrolyzed into small peptides for better absorption. This white, odorless powder easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids.


Supports joint health and mobility

Improves skin elasticity and hydration

Boosts muscle growth and repair

Bioavailable source of protein

Key Features:

Peptide size: 98% fish collagen peptides below 1,000 Daltons molecular weight

Source: Wild-caught, deep sea fish off the coast of Europe

Processing: Enzymatically hydrolyzed; low temperature processing preserves nutrients

Purity: No additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients

Odorless and easily dissolves

Suggested Use:

Mix 10g fish collagen peptide daily into coffee, smoothies, baked goods or water. May also be used in recipes as a substitute for gelatin.


Skin flexibility and hydration: fish collagen peptide powder is a significant part of the skin, and fish collagen peptide might assist with further developing skin flexibility and hydration. By advancing collagen union, it might possibly improve the skin's design, decrease the presence of kinks, and increment dampness levels.

Stomach wellbeing: Collagen is available in the stomach related framework and assumes a part in keeping up with the trustworthiness of the stomach lining. Fish collagen peptide might uphold stomach wellbeing by advancing the wellbeing and capability of the digestive covering and adding to a fair stomach microbiome.

Joint and bone wellbeing: Collagen is a vital part of ligament and bones. Fish collagen peptide might uphold joint wellbeing by advancing the creation of collagen and assisting with keeping up with the design and capability of joints. It might likewise add to bone wellbeing by working on bone thickness and strength.

More grounded, better hair: fish collagen peptide contains amino acids that are significant for hair development and strength. By giving these structure blocks, it might uphold the creation of sound hair strands and further develop hair quality.

Slender muscle development: Collagen is a protein that assumes a part in muscle development and fix. Fish collagen peptide, with its amino corrosive substance, might possibly uphold muscle advancement and recuperation, especially when joined with exercise and obstruction preparing.

Fish Collagen Peptides Application

(1) Biomedical materials: artificial esophagus, burn protective film, artificial skin, artificial trachea.

(2) Pharmaceuticals and medical purposes: plastic surgery, sustained-release drugs, bladder incontinence drugs, etc.

(3) Cosmetics: skin cream (ointment) (water retention), conditioner, etc.

(4) Food industry: health food, beverage

(5) Chemical raw materials: plastics, inks, coatings, etc.

(6) Research purposes: cell culture, biosensors, bioreactor carrier membranes, platelets

Agglutination reagents.

(7) Others: Collagen and resin are combined to compensate for the material of cigarette filters and filter agents.

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